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What’s Obama’s legacy to us?

Writer: Huang Jin Cheng Oriental Daily, April 29, 2014 After saying that Malaysia will not be

Thinking out of the racial box

By Chen Shao Qian (translated name) Nanyang Siang Pau, April 28, 2014 The racial composition in

The significance of Obama’s Malaysia visit

Sin Chew, Editorial, April 28, 2014 The U.S. President Obama’s three-day visit to Malaysia was a

The Chinese will not give PAS a blank cheque

Kwong Wah, Editorial, April 29, 2014 PAS President Hadi Awang’s decision to table a private bill

President Obama – the black hurricane

By Lin Dong Sheng (translated name) Oriental Daily, 29-04-2014 Last weekend, the visit of the leader

Obama’s visit was well planned but not to perfection

By: Duan Huang (translated name) Oriental Daily, 29.04.2014 US President Obama’s three day visits to Malaysia

Obama gives Malaysia a lecture

Lin Rui Yuan Sin Chew Daily, April 29, 2014 During his visit to Malaysia, United States

Hudud law creates another wave

Nanyang Siang Pau, Editorial, 2014-04-28 The Islamic criminal law had once again become an issue of

DAP and MCA should join hands together to stop hudud

By Lim En Ting Oriental Daily, April 28, 2014 Ever since the Prime Minister who is

Don’t neglect the national type Chinese secondary schools (SMJK)

By: Zheng Ting Ho (translated name) Oriental Daily, 28.04.2014 In reality is there any national type