Monthly Archive:: June 2014

A tray of loose sand

By: Wang De Long (translated name) Sin Chew Jit Poh, 27-06-2014 The metaphor of “a tray

Cabinet reshuffle. MCA returns to the Cabinet.

By: Jin Tin (translated name) Guang Ming Daily, 26-06-2014 Eventually the Prime Minister announced the reshuffle

Does MCA have a better tomorrow?

By: Chen Li Liang (translated name) Oriental Daily, 26-06-2014 Prime Minister Najib announced on Wednesday the

Hard for lame duck to deliver

By: Hu Yi Dao (translated name) Kwong Wah Daily, 26-06-2014 “The Cabinet has a total of

If Muslim areas are all over in the city

By: Lai Zhao Guang (translated name) China Press, 26-06-2014 If hudud is a major problem as

MCA returns to cabinet, power does not return to MCA

By: Lin Jian Rong (translated name) Oriental Daily, 26-06-2014 MCA leaders were returned to the cabinet

MCA never assaulted media

By: Yong Sun Yong (translated name) Oriental Daily News, 25-06-2014 At the opening ceremony of MCA

Numbers game it is not

By: Tay Tian Yan (translated name) Sin Chew Daily, 27-06-2014 The cabinet reshuffle is done but

The surprises on MCA’s readmission into the cabinet

Nanyang Siang Pau, Editorial, 27-06-2014 The cabinet was successfully reshuffled after a long wait. The reshuffle

The fading heat of Green Assembly

By: Yang Guo An (translated name) Oriental Daily News, 26-06-2014 The “shut down Lynas” movement initiated