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Umno in chaos, no hope for a change of government

Writer: Zhou Xiu Hui Guang Ming Daily, Dec 19, 2014 Will Najib follow Abdullah to become

UM students support Sin Chew’s Moderation Movement

Sin Chew Daily, December 18, 2014 PETALING JAYA, Dec 17 – “I am Malaysian, I support

The shameful silence

Shi Yi Lang (translated name) China Press, 19-12-2014 Just when I was happy to hear the

The real obstacle on the path of achieving racial unity in our country is immunity

Tan Xin Jing (translated name) Oriental Daily, 17-12-2014 The open letter by the 25 prominent Malays

Sin Chew Daily launches “I am moderate” campaign, urges more Malaysians to voice up

Sin Chew Daily, December 18, 2014 PETALING JAYA, Dec 17 – The extreme speeches frequently heard

Saifuddin: Announce Sedition Act to stay, “Najib may be under great pressure”

Exclusive report by Yang Jing Sin Chew Daily, 19 December 2014, page 6 (Petaling Jaya 18

Saifuddin: The silent majority support, Prime Minister ought to insist on reform

Exclusive interview by Yang Jing Sin Chew Daily, 19, Dec 2014, Front page (Petaling Jaya Dec

Raise the flag of moderation high

By: Chen Zen Qing (translated name) Sin Chew, December 19th 2014 After the 25 eminent Malays

Pheng Yin Huah: Chinese groups will gather on Dec 21st to support 25 prominent Malays in fighting extremism

Sin Chew Daily, December 18, 2014 KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 17 – Federation of Chinese Associations of

Making the movement of moderation reverberate all over the nation

Writer: Pan You Lai Oriental Daily, Dec 19, 2014 I was at the Usman Awang National