Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Regret that recommendation on Betty Chew being politicised

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Sin Chew Daily, 15 Jan 2015

(Penang 14 January) Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC) has recommended Penang Chief Minister’s wife Betty Chew to be a committee member of the chamber’s property development, construction and management committee and regrets that the appointment has drawn criticism in cyberspace.

Chew is said to have been affected

PCCC issues statement today to say that since the announcement of setting up a new committee on Jan 6, Chew was recommended to be a member of the committee. She has yet to accept the appointment officially but the matter has been politicised with series of controversies taking place. Chew is said to have been greatly affected.

The statement says committee members of PCCC are contributing all the while and have never been in conflict of interests.

“PCCC and the government as well as other agencies maintain close ties, discuss and resolve economic issues. PCCC resolves issues for members and provide feedback on new measures of government, implementation of ongoing policies or any policies which affect business laws to safeguard the interest of business sector.

“As the highest agency of business in Penang Chinese community, apart from developing PCCC, it also acts as a bridge between government and business sector. Any professionals regardless of political parties, political background, race and gender are welcome to join the committee as long as he is willing to spend time to serve the community with his expertise.”

The statement says PCCC has been holding on to the belief of “Business for charity” and raised RM200,000 to aid flood victims in East Coast. Last year, it has also raised RM200,000 to donate to education foundation for Penang Development Corporation and RM60,000 for six charity organisations in Penang. Earlier, it has also contributed RM602,000 to aid earthquake victims in Sichuan and RM140,000 for Cyclone Nargis victims in Myanmar.

“PCCC is a responsible non-government organisation with credibility. Our committee members have been serving without reward in safeguarding the interest of Chinese businessmen. Those who do not understand PCCC’s operation and NGOs which have never contributed are urged not to criticize PCCC.”

Choong Khuat Seng: Chew is a professional, joining the committee helps in business

On the other hand, Datuk Choong Khuat Seng, chairman of the chamber’s property development, construction and management told Sin Chew Daily that Chew, a woman professional, is invited to join the committee without any political background.

He says the committee comprises 13 people including him. Chew is just a member of the committee. The committee carries out its task based on the standard operating procedure of PCCC with the main aim of assisting developers and other sectors to liaise with government and create a business friendly environment.

He says the new committee does not only co-ordinate among developers but also assist in sectors related to construction such as legal firm, accounting form and banking sectors. Hence the committee needs professional in order to carry out its task effectively.
He said on 27 November last year, Chew attended a dinner of Penang business club as a new member. As Chew is a practicing lawyer, he has proposed Chew to join the committee. Chew agreed.

“Chew is familiar with legal procedure. She is more than qualified with the appointment to handle matters in the committee. We have two other women in the committee, Datuk Seng Siew Lean, the treasurer and Pisranla (name as published) who is in charge of small and medium industries.”

Original Source: 引薦周玉清掀波‧檳中總:遺憾被政治化