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The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) faces difficulties in collecting loans

More than 660 000 PTPTN borrowers did not pay their loans amounting to more than RM4.7

Truly saving the nation

“Save the nation” has been a media buzzword recently. Many people are influenced by certain political

To talk and laugh at RUU 355

I was startled to hear that East Malaysia doesn’t need the RUU355, in which case, is

The Malaysian Islamic Strategic Research Institute: Secularism eroding Islamic agenda

(Kuala Lumpur 27 Mar) The Malaysian Islamic Strategic Research Institute set up two years ago and

21 organizations call for government to abandon the proposed amendments of RUU355 for fear of tarnishing the fundamentals of nation building and secularism in the federation

(Kuala Lumpur 28 Mar) A total of 21 non-governmental organisations have made a joint statement urging

Motive of non-Chinese public servant learning Chinese

Leaning foreign language is not an easy task for adults particularly to learn Chinese which has

The voters are indeed very helpless

The voters are feeling very helpless. Before the 308 general election, politicians used the tactic of

Behind the “Rakyat” it is still about “Race”

The two Pribumi Bersatu big bosses Mahathir and Muhyiddin have now taken over the right to

Whether the amendment bill of RUU 355 will pass in parliament, the 19 votes from East Malaysia political parties are crucial

(Kuala Lumpur 26 Mar) After Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says the government

DAP, can you have some pride!

I must say that I have some mixed and complicated feelings about DAP. I supported it