Huang Huikang: Firmly rooted and contributed to Malaysia “No one can say Chinese are outsiders”

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Photo Credit: Nanyang Siang Pau

Photo Credit: Nanyang Siang Pau

Nanyang Siang Pau, March 15, 2017

Alor Setar, March 14 – China’s Ambassador to Malaysia Dr. Huang Huikang

pointed out that he had much thoughts and feelings after visiting the Alor Setar



Apart from experiencing the feelings of the Chinese people migrating to

Southeast Asia in the early days, he had also been able to witness the

contributions made by the Chinese after settled down in Alor Setar.

Therefore, he said, nobody could say that Malaysian Chinese are outsiders.

Speaking at SJK(C) Kee Chee this morning, he stressed that a small road in the

Chinatown would fully reflect the history of the Chinese who crossed the ocean to

go abroad in more than 100 years ago, they had disembarked on this land and

settled down here. This also symbolized the history of Chinese development in

Alor Setar and the most beautiful embodiment of the cultural link between China

and Malaysia.


“Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib had said that without the Chinese,

Malaysia would not be what it is today, while China’s President Xi Jinping had

also stressed that Malaysian Chinese are the witness, participants as well as

contributors to the relationship between China and Malaysia,” he added.

According to him, Malaysian Chinese is the bond and bridge between China and

Malaysia friendship. Apart from being China’s ambassador to Malaysia, he is

also “a friend of Malaysian Chinese”; hence, on his visit to some of the states in

Malaysia, he would make sure to take time to visit Chinese schools in order to

strengthen the relationship between Chinese in China and Chinese in Malaysia.

Besides visiting the Chinatown, Huang Huikang also donated a total of RM60,

000 to four Chinese primary schools in Alor Setar, both SJK(C) Kee Chee,

SJKC(C) Sin Min received RM20, 000 respectively, while SJK(C) Pei Shih and

SJK(C) Boon Teik received RM10, 000 each.


Before leaving SJK(C) Kee Chee, Dr. Huang Huikang mingled with students,

apart from taking photographs with them, in seeing a small size Standard Five

student Liu Yi Tong, he held him up which set the whole room laughing.

Cheah Soon Hai hopes Huang Huikang will help to bring in more China’s



Invest Kedah advisor Datuk Dr. Cheah Soon Hai pointed out that majority of the

northern part of Kedah state is covered by paddy field, there are all sorts of

limitations in terms of development. However, he hoped that Huang Huikang

would help to bring in more investors from China to invest in local product

industry which has got potential for development.


He said over the last two years, bilateral trade volume between China and

Malaysia had increased by leaps and bounds due to the investments by many

investors from China brought in by Huang Huikang who had also been promoting

bilateral relation between Malaysia and China as well as bilateral economic and

trade development.


“Dr. Huang had mentioned in 2015 that Chinese government opposes all forms

of terrorism, opposes racism and extremism for any particular ethnic group and

also opposes violence against social and public order and social stability,” he



Cheah Soon Hai who is also Kedah Gerakan chairman added that Huang

Huikang’s statement was sonorous and forceful. In the absence of a harmonious

atmosphere at that time it helped to cool down the situation which showed that

he is a courageous and competent leader.


Also present at the ceremony were Chinese Consul General in Penang Wu Jun,

China’s Economic and Commercial Counselor to Malaysia Shi Chihming, Kedah

Chinese Assembly Hall president Cheng Lai Hock and the chairman of board of

directors of the four Chinese Primary schools.


Visits Chinatown in courteous and approachable style


Huang Huikang visited the century old Alor Setar Chinatown and witnessed the

local feature where Chinese ancestors who came from China had settled down


He arrived at the Chinatown archway on Tuesday 9.00am and was welcomed by

local Chinese community leaders, he first took a look at the stone monument and

then enjoyed the scenery of Sungai Kedah along the way before proceed to

Kwangtung and Tengchow Association, Kedah.


Huang Huikang then walked to the end of the street where the hundred-year old

Tua Pek Kong Temple is located. He took photographs with the local people in

courteous and approachable style.


Huang Huikang was accompanied by Chinese Consul General in Penang Wu

Jun, China’s Economic and Commercial Counselor to Malaysia Shi Chihming,

Invest Kedah advisor Datuk Dr. Cheah Soon Hai, Kedah Chinese Assembly Hall

president Cheng Lai Hock and Kedah Kwangtung and Tengchow Association

president He Yong Lin.