Malay voters are the king-makers

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Photo Credit: Malaysia Stylo

Photo Credit: Malaysia Stylo

Nanyang Siang Pau, March, 16th 2017

Recently there’s rumour that the 14 th  general election is around the corner and it is

spreading like wildfire. On the 11 th  of March the Vice president of UMNO

Hishammuddin disclosed that the election would be held this year. He urged all

levels in UMNO to start the election machinery immediately.


To a veteran party like UMNO, activating the election machinery or operations room

is not a difficult task. Nevertheless whether all levels in UMNO will be united and in

full force supporting UMNO and Barisan Nasional is a question.


In the last 2 general elections the Chinese voters were supporting the Opposition

fully. They were united in the 308 general election; whereas in the 505 election they

believed without any doubts in the call from DAP: “505, change Government”.


However, both the proven facts are that Chinese votes could not be the king-maker.

Today the Chinese voters are beginning to feel disheartened. This phenomenon is a

threat to the Opposition. Thus, Opposition parties in Pakatan Harapan started to

promote the narrative that only if there’s a wind of change in the Malay society, then

there’s hope in toppling the Najib government.


This is the truth that cannot be denied in political reality. From the racial composition

of the voters, if the Malay voters continue to support Barisan Nasional and UMNO,

the change in government is a mission impossible.


On the 14 th  of March Pribumi Chairman Dr. Mahathir after holding the Supreme

Council meeting of the party held a press conference. In the press conference he

suggested Pakatan Harapan and Parti Pribumi set up a new organization and vote

under the same logo. Hopefully in doing so, a one to one fight will enable them to

topple Barisan Nasional.


As a fair remark, Mahathir’s suggestion is logical. If the Opposition can use the same

symbol to challenge Barisan Nasional, the chance of changing the government is not

something impossible. However in Mahathir’s speech he did not mention about the

stance of PAS which was still unknown and indecisive.


On 9 th  March, Pribumi President Tan Sri Muhyiddin announced that PAS had already

agreed to sit down to discuss the allocation of seats with Pribumi; however Mahathir

did not mention anything about this on the 14 th of March. This shows that there are

still differences between Mahathir and Muhyiddin. It also proves that PAS is the

biggest stumbling block in forming the Opposition alliance.


Earlier PAS was very vocal in objecting working with DAP and Parti Amanah. Under

such scenario how can Pribumi alone discuss allocation of seats with PAS?

Moreover, before there’s any decision on allocation of seats with Pakatan Harapan,

is it appropriate for Pribumi to discuss with PAS on such issues?


Election is imminent but the Opposition still has many differences to be solved.

Earlier many believed that Mahathir would be the best person to negotiate and unite

them all. However, at present the Opposition has too many conflicts of interest and

the road to form a united front is facing a lot of obstacles.


On the other hand, Barisan Nasional is ready and prepared; they are playing a

waiting game. By the 5 th  of May this year it will be four years after the 505 general

election. Hence to accuse Barisan Nasional of holding an early election just to

maintain its ruling power is not logical anymore.


For the past 13 general elections, the undivided support from the Malay voters for

Barisan Nasional and UMNO is a solid proof. Unless those Malay-based opposition

parties can organize a strong united alliance in a short time, it is very hard for one to

believe that the Malay voters would forsake their long time guardian of their rights

and interests which is Barisan Nasional and UMNO.

Original Source: 巫裔选民才是造王者