Najib takes Malaysia-China relations to new height

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Nanyang Siang Pau, March 17, 2017

Is Najib the creator of current political environment or the other way round?

From the 308 to 505 elections, issues, big or small, have erupted within and

outside the country, stirring up waves of turbulence in the domestic political

scene. And yet Najib’s dominance remains; his political power safe and



As the new election is not far off, this writer takes the courage of taking

honorable Prime Minister as an example. Regardless of the stormy political

scene, mutual attacks between the ruling and opposition parties and

incidents, big or small, occurring almost continuously, they would not have

even the slightest impact on Najib’s foreign policy.


Najib has made seven trips to China, received by Chinese president Xi

Jinping in his residence, while at the same time, drawing massive Chinese

investments in projects in this country.


Based on Xi Jinping’s initiatives such as “China Dream”, “One-Belt- One-

Road” and “Asian Investment Bank”, Xi Jinping shows that he cares for

Southeast Asia. He is the most proactive in comparison to all the previous

Chinese presidents.


Xi Jinping is a visionary. He has created unlimited space of imagination for the

Chinese people.


As a small nation, Malaysia has the good fortune of interacting with China and

fitting into their aspirations. We have reaped economic benefits through joint-

ventures, big or small, with them and in doing so, have deepened our friendly



Judging from current developments, Malaysia-China relations have entered

the stage of “deep and practical cooperation”. Najib has presented absolutely

an outstanding result card in regard to Malaysia-China relations. Even though

he may have worried of a backlash from the main community, he has done it

for the greater interest of the nation.


Unlike Tun Mah who, while still in power, attacked the West incessantly on

certain issues, Najib just shows the West how much he enjoys the good

relationship with China in the face of an unfriendly media from the West.

As such, China has shown great favour to Malaysia, whether in the economic,

cultural or education sectors. It cannot be denied that credit must go to Najib!