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Photo Credit: meme generator

Photo Credit: meme generator

Kwong Wah Yit Poh, March 16, 2017

Many political parties are good at marketing and publicity, ever since the last two

general elections they have been relying on their big mouth for survival. DAP is

the expert, but it is not necessarily a bad thing as when there is news, there is

momentum, and when there is momentum, there is energy to move forward.

However, the biggest problem with the top leaders is that they tend to

misconstrue that harsh words and hatred represent supremacy, as if nobody on

earth could beat him, and are so prone to label other as Barisan Nasional media,

Barisan Nasional reporter etc.


Under the Malaysia political scenario of which the opposition camp is subjected

to all aspects of repression, the opposition parties do have to introduce new

moves, to expose themselves whenever there is opportunity, and to have news

in the media regardless of whether it is print media or electronic media.

Only with such a low cost, high return game that the oppositions can ensure their

assemblymen keep on with the exposure and at the same time test their support

level and mobilizing power.


But some leaders who are already on the top have been quite popular after the

2008 general election and forgot the balancing game between politicians and the



He will self- amplify infinitely, anyone could see that many happenings are in fact

internal strife of which it is the responsibility of the political party concerned to

solve the problem. However, when asked by the media, he had shirked the

responsibility by blaming the media controlled by Barisan Nasional for

manipulating the issue.


In fact, when a politician claimed himself to be “totally clean”, he himself is

already a big problem. Nobody is perfect in this world; politicians tend to play

political tricks. Labelling the media is also one of the tricks.


Almost all new leadership will proclaim itself to be the reformist. The famous

Taiwanese commentator Wang Jian Zhuang once said that many opposition

leaders actually merely offered lip service until the end of their tenure after they

became the ruling party, and even be their own antithesis.


Many politicians once became the “most popular politician” will have the

mentality of becoming an “extraordinary man” and is very much conceited. But

just think carefully, who have made them enjoying the high popularity, causing

their gene to mutate and became the “super leader”?


Is it not us who have lost our head? A progressive society requires inclusiveness

in different fields; keep blazing new trails in a pioneering spirit as well as to be

tested constantly, even in political arena and election.


However, in this country where on surface there is harmony but in reality different

races are despising each other and also hostile against each other, when facing

with all the bad apples, we only dare to choose a bad apple that is closer to us

and dare not vote for others.


Therefore, we have no choice but to be played by politician who has no self-

restraint, prone to labeling others and stirring up other people’s emotions just for

their own political interests.


One must cast his vote during the next general election, but think carefully what

type of people’s representative you want and what type of social atmosphere you

intend to shape for the nation.

Original Source: 投票要慎重