Gerakan slams Kelantan government for infringing non-Muslims’ right

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Free Malaysia Today

Free Malaysia Today

Kuala Lumpur, April 17 – Gerakan vice-president Datuk Dr. Dominic Lau Hoe Chai lashed out at Kelantan state government led by PAS for imposing order requiring all traders to stop trading activities for 15 minutes during Maghrib, the evening Muslim prayers, saying that the act had infringed the rights of the non-Muslim night market traders.

He said the temporary closure of business for the night market traders is a religious measure which would affect the non-Muslim night market traders in Kelantan; to the night market traders, time means money, if they stop trading an hour a day it would adversely affect their business.

“PAS keeps saying that it will take care of the rights of all races, but the new measure in Kelantan shows that PAS is saying one thing and doing another. How are we going to believe in PAS that the proposed amendments to the Shariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act (RUU355) will not affect the non-Muslims?” he asked.

Lau Hoe Chai said this in a statement issued today.

He pointed out that the ultimate objective of the PAS since its inception was to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state. In the past, because the party was isolated and weak, thus it was unable to implement this goal step by step, it was until in the 2008 general election when the party getting stronger with the vigorous support from the DAP and thus had been able to implement the Islamization policy step by step.

He stressed that it had been proven that DAP was unable to prevent PAS from implementing the Islamization policy, if we want to get the country back from the wrong path of gradual Islamization, then all the electorates especially the Chinese voters must render their support to Barisan Nasional in enabling Gerakan and MCA to be strong again, then only the unhealthy trend would be changed.

“History proved that when Gerakan and MCA are stronger, there is no space for PAS to implement the Islamization policy. PAS has gained strength to implement the Islamization agenda only when the party cooperated with DAP, people should know this clearly,” he said.