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DAP turns passive

The heated RUU 355 issue has quiet down temporarily after the amendment bill was tabled without

PAS is not going to be the winner

At the PAS Muktamar held in Kedah, PAS youth chief Nik Abduh (son of the late

Don’t always blame Chinese investors

When the economy is weakening, people tend to have lots of complaints; they have discontentment over

Demand for disciplinary action against Shabudin, Hua Zong Women’s Section submits memorandum to PM

Putrajaya, April 26 – The Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Hua Zong) women’s section today handed

DAP should stop PKR from supporting RUU 355 bill

Although the row over PAS’ RUU 355 amendment bill has cooled down for a while, people

Deviate from changing the government to asking Najib to step down

Let’s recall the Bersih 5 participants taking to the streets worrying about the future of the

PAS is waiting for RUU 355 to be passed. It is eyeing to win five states and then amend syariah laws in those states

(Kota Sarang Semut, Kedah 27 Apr) PAS youth chief Nik Abdul Nik Aziz said once parliament