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A good government must stand firm

Many politicians say the complexity of Malaysian politics is no less than any other country. Because

He crosses the border daily to work in Singapore, a hawker at Johor Bharu at night – tale of a Malaysian working in Singapore

(Johor Bharu 29 May) He works in Singapore during the day. After returning home in Johor

Non-bumiputera accounted for 70% of halal industry

For many of our small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the halal industry is blooming yet unreachable;

Three painful issues of Mahathir, an old man of 92 years

Tun Mahathir was born in 1925. At 92 now, he is still concerned about every bit

Malay woman receives degree in Malay language after studying in Chinese primary school

(Johor Bharu, 28 May) Studying in Chinese primary school but later learned Bahasa Malaysia, a Malay

Please respect our multi-religious freedom

Speaker of the Selangor state assembly Hannah Yeoh published a biography in 2014 entitled “Becoming Hannah”

Because of you, we have to learn Chinese

A posting of a teacher on Facebook has become a hot topic of discussion. It narrated

A Malay youth involved in a road accident earlier is looking for a Chinese woman who helped him to thank her personally

(Pahang, Bentong, 25 May 2017) A Malay youth who was riding a motorcycle on Karak highway

Rule of law Vs politics; moderation Vs rudeness

At the TN50 dialogue between Prime Minister Najib and local artistes on May 17, 2017, Terengganu

Tun Razak is the first person to play Chinese card

The two top leaders of MCA, Liow Tiong Lai and Wee Ka Siong had signed a