China does not intervene into domestic politics, RM38 billion to assist participating countries

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(Beijing, China, 14 May) Chinese president Xi Jinping announces that in future China will be contributing RM38 billion (60 billion yuan) to  developing countries and international organisations participating in One Belt One Road Initiative for the next three years by having more people-related projects.

He stressed that China insists on the five key principles on peace. China is willing to collaborate with countries participating in One Belt One Road Initiative and also share its development experience.

“China does not intervene into domestic politics nor exporting its socialism and development style. It does not impose on others.”

“To promote establishment of One Belt One Road, China does not repeat the old tactic of geo-political game. Instead it would be starting a new win-win collaboration model. It will be establishing a big family living in harmony and not forming a small circle which tarnishes stability.”

Connecting strategies, complementing each other

He said the One Belt One Road plan would not have a new set up by removing the existing ones. Instead, it would be a pragmatic strategy of connecting and complementing with each other.

Xi said this in his keynote address entitled “Joining hand to promote establishing One Belt One Road” at the opening of “One Belt One Road International Collaboration Summit”. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak also attended the summit.

Xi revealed that China would be providing emergency food relief of 2 billion yuan to developing countries along the One Belt One Road route, an additional relief of USD 1 billion to South-South Co-operation, implementing several projects – 100 happy families in countries along One Belt One Road route, 100 cases of helping the poor and 100 cases of helping patients to recuperate.

“We will be providing USD 1 billion to relevant international organisations to implement collaborative projects in countries along the route.”

Xi said China will be increasing its capital support on One Belt One Road Initiative. It is increasing the capital fund of 100 billion yuan to Silk Road Foundation encouraging financial institutions to expand business operations on Renminbi to overseas. The size is estimated to be 300 billion yuan.

Xi stressed that One Belt One Road Initiative is built on the history of Silk Road. Its emphasis is on Asia, Europe and African continents. At the same time it is opening up to all its friends whether they are from Asia, Europe, Africa or America. They are all partners of “One Belt One Road” international collaboration.

“Everyone joins in the discussion for One Belt One Road Initiative and share the fruit of One Belt One Road Initiative.”