Hudud will come sooner or later

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The Star

The Star

Pakatan Harapan’s lady boss Wan Azizah said even if Pakatan Harapan comes into power, the hudud law would still be implemented, only that it would be enforced in a different form and there would be no stoning and amputation in the short future.

The endless dispute over the hudud and secular laws is that one is the law of god and the other the law of man. Sister Wan’s improved version is also a change to the divine law and we don’t know whether it is legitimate and who is to decide.

But she stressed that as a Muslim, she cannot go against the law of the god.

If that is the case, which Muslim MPs in the parliament can go against it? Therefore, whether there will be a change of government or not, what will come will come.

With such awareness, I have stopped worrying. What is the use of worrying if that’s the case?

Since Hadi tabled the RUU 355 amendment bill, everyone wants to take some of the glory of it. Sister Wan made certain remarks to the foreign media and the timing was intriguing.

In that interview, she made a very truthful statement in saying that past cooperation with PAS was to win votes at the grass-roots level.

Not only the Malays at the grass-roots level, even the Chinese at the grass-roots level, could be easily conned and they would never wake up.

Original Source: 回刑法迟早来