I only want to teach with dedication

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I only want to teach with dedication. What a helpless whine! Yes I never regret being a teacher. If I am given a second chance, I still choose to be a teacher. Unfortunately the once noble and great ambition of mine has changed its form until my confidence and enthusiasm as a teacher has dampened.

After two decades of teaching, I started to question incessantly the role of a teacher. Teacher should be students’ educator in everything wise yet I have the feeling like teaching students to become more and more stupid. The Education bandwagon is moving backwards and the ISO quality management in education is heaving a big burden on the teachers’ shoulders.

Every day I educate students to be environmentally friendly and to reduce wastage of resources. However the greatest joke the system has created is we the adults have become the worst culprits who are chopping down trees daily.

Officials from the educational departments like to see black and white documentation. Bundles and bundles of reports, meaningless and valueless academic departmental reports, trivial records, analysis data, permits, overlapping paper work and never ending students’ evaluation reports have to be prepared by the teachers.

Teachers are like automatons   rushing to prepare teaching material, getting ready reports and keying in data every day. The task of correcting the students’ exercise books, workbooks, reference books and papers never ends.

The problem of unhappy learning and unhappy teachers is known yet the situation still continues to exist. Everyone knows the importance of taking care of the children’s emotions well but there isn’t time to tackle the issue. All because the emphasis is on examination and examination results are the topmost priority. When the results are good the schools and teachers would be famous, there were cash awards given! There is no examination of the students’ personalities; any misbehavior problem of the students, just pass it to the school counselors will do.

Every day and night students attend tuition, homework class, preparatory cum day-care class without fail. Spelling and dictation of essay tests, all are memorizing works, it’s alright if it is without any creative thinking and reasoning, just like buying Toto. The more you buy the better your chance of winning. This is because the tutors outside the school are very good in spotting assessment questions and there is a guarantee of improvement for the students. Whether the students really understand the work load given is immaterial as long as the task is completed and handed to the teacher. Quantity in school work is more important than quality. Are the students busy? Are they suffering?

The teachers are busier and bitterer! The parents are even worst!

It has been a long time I did not have the opportunity to chat freely, reciting poems together, conducting drama class, having a mini debate or playing catching on the field with the students. The stress is like a tight band on my head, taut on the neck and brewing tons of worry in my heart. I am weeping and crying out for I only wish to teach with dedication.