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After the Moon broke off with the Blue Eye, the Acting Chairman of Rocket Tan Kok Wai urged the voters to make a smart choice.

What then is a smart choice?

According to him the voters have only two choices. One is to vote for the Moon or UMNO; and the other choice is to vote for Pakatan Harapan.

If we were to interpret further, it means those voters who have lost hope in Pakatan Harapan especially the Chinese voters, if they change their minds and vote for those parties without progress and disappointing like MCA or Gerakan, it is tantamount to voting for the Moon and UMNO.

Therefore the best choice is still to vote for Pakatan Harapan. That is to continue voting for Rocket, Blue Eye, Parti Amanah and Parti Pribumi which is led by the former prime minister Tun Mahathir and the former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin.

One of the “accusations” made by the Moon to break off with Blue Eye was the later did not support RUU355.

And what did the de facto leader Anwar, say?

In his statement, he stated as follows:

“The PAS leadership never read the announcement made by the PKR President Wan Azizah carefully. She respected Pas President Hadi Awang’s right to table his private member’s bill and she also proposed to hand over the bill to the parliamentary select committee.”

What did it mean by respecting the right of Hadi Awang’s to table his private member’s bill? A logical deduction means no objection to the bill. In fact Blue Eye leaders never publicly declare against Hadi tabling of RUU355.

What does Wan Azizah have to say?

She said as long as it is in accordance with the procedure, it cannot be ruled out that our country allows the existence of the hudud law.

What about Parti Pribumi and Parti Amanah? They never said that they are against RUU355.

At present, the Rocket leader on one side is condemning his former darling the Moon leader; and on the other side persuading the voters to support Pakatan Harapan. But Rocket never touch or talk about the stance of the other 3 component parties in Pakatan Harapan on RUU355.

Does the Rocket want to wait for the voting in Parliament and “let it pass first”, so as to confirm that its partner voted for the RUU 355 then it will “divorce” them?

Other than the RUU355 issue, another issue Pakatan Harapan is avoiding is the alternative candidate for the post of Prime Minister.

Rocket not fighting for the Prime Minister’s post

Earlier, the prominent Rocket leader kept emphasizing that Anwar is the candidate for the Prime Minister’s post in Pakatan Harapan. Lately, Blue Eye leader said that no matter who would be the Prime Minister’s candidate from Pakatan Harapan, he would definitely be better than the “RM2.6 billion”.

Who is the better candidate for the alternative Prime Minister’s post?
The prominent Rocket leader Ah Eng had already disclosed that the party had accepted the reality of politics and Rocket would never fight for the premiership. So those supporters who hope Rocket leaders will one day be the Prime Minister of this country can forget about it totally.

Recently a survey done by Parti Pribumi disclosed that Muhyiddin was the best candidate for Prime Minister. However before Zaid Ibrahim joined the Rocket, he opined that Tun Mahathir was the most suitable candidate. When the two were holding government posts, what were the comments and criticism of the Opposition leaders especially Rocket against them?

The comments were: Absolutely a dictator, the roots of a corrupted system, and the worst deputy prime minister.

So before Rocket wants the voters to decide their choices in the coming election, it is better for Rocket to clarify the stance of its political partners on RUU355 and who should be the alternative Prime Minister.

Original Source: 先把話說清楚