Malay woman receives degree in Malay language after studying in Chinese primary school

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China Press

China Press

(Johor Bharu, 28 May) Studying in Chinese primary school but later learned Bahasa Malaysia, a Malay woman who married a Chinese husband receives her scroll from Southern University College today as second batch of graduates from the university college.

Rozita, 46, a marketing sales manager, also has a Chinese name Luo Li Dai.

She receives her honours degree in Malay language today. Her eldest son Luo Zhe Hao, 21 and younger son Luo Zhe Yin accompanied her to receive her scroll. The eldest son is currently studying at Southern University College while the younger son is studying at Foon Yew High School.

Rozita, when interviewed by the media, said she has three children with her Chinese husband. The children are in Chinese school since young.

“My children and I communicate in Mandarin. Normally I will speak Mandarin if the customer speaks the language.”

Rozita studied in SRJK (C) Pei Chun, Pontian and Pei Chun High School. She continued her study in Malay language certificate in Foon Yew High School.

“I like language subject since young. I also teach Chinese language part time at night.”

Rozita said after learning Southern University College started a degree course in Malay language, she signed up. She plans to pursue master’s degree in Chinese language.