Najib: Malaysia seizes opportunity after taking the lead to support One Belt One Road

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(China, Beijing 15 May) The “One Belt One Road” International Collaboration Summit has brought Malaysia enormous business opportunities and gain, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib said as pioneer in supporting China’s One Belt One Road initiative, Malaysia is the first country to benefit from it. Malaysia has made profit in a practical manner – the East Coast Rail Line (ECRL) and the pipeline for multiple oil products (MPP) are the best examples.

Prime Minister’s Department in charge of follow ups

In a press conference to conclude his visit to China today, Najib said the Prime Minister’s Department would be in charge of follow ups on “One Belt One Road” without setting up a secretariat.

He would be attending the roundtable summit on One Belt One Road Roundtable Summit in 2019.

On the other hand, Najib said Malaysia’s government-link companies (GLC) and the private sector are discussing with China on one memorandum of understanding with 95% of preparation completed. Chance of signing the agreement is high.

“Now it is left with 5%. Although the agreement can’t be signed in this trip, I believe it would be sign in near future.”

Asked whether this memorandum of understanding which has been 95% completed is related to Bandar Malaysia, Najib kept saying “No, no, no”, followed by laughter.

“This is a memorandum of understanding related to GLC and private sector. I see the potential.”

“If West Asia has supported the economic growth in East Asia in the past by setting up factories for people in East Asia to work, the trend has completely changed now. East Asia contributes to economic growth in West Asia and even the entire Asia by offering job opportunities and technology.”

Bandar Malaysia plan would be released soon

On the other hand, Najib said he would be announcing details of the Bandar Malaysia development project soon.

On the results of this China visit, Najib quoted the feedback given by Malaysian businessmen who said that they find it easier and faster in their business negotiations with China now. China has offered Malaysians ample opportunities. This is also the outcome of Malaysia and China has stable and friendly ties with mutual trust. Like the acknowledgement and high level assessment given by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Malaysia. Currently ties between Malaysia and China are at historical peak.

“We are in a very advantageous position. This is great opportunity to us. Malaysia and China can jointly develop economic project like Xi said: we exist and share the glory together.”