Why do we need Deputy Chief Minister?

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There is something Xiao Ming doesn’t understand, what actually are the Sarawak DAP leaders’ views on the absence of a Chinese deputy chief minister? Whether the post should or should not be given to the Chinese, or do they feel that there is not much difference between having and not having the post?

A year ago, Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen said before the state election that whether or not SUPP holds the deputy CM post does not affect the rights of Chinese. On the contrary, SUPP had not been able to safeguard its own rights and positions even at its height, let alone to fight for the rights of the Chinese community.

He said it is an insult to the voters in Batu Kawah for the Barisan Nasional to secure the people’s mandate by using the “deputy CM” post as bait.

After the state election, there is no Chinese deputy chief minister in the Sarawak state Cabinet, Chong Chieng Jen pointed out that during the state election campaign Adenan had misled the voters in Batu Kawah by creating a fictitious phenomenon that if they want to see a Chinese deputy CM in the state, then they must ensure the victory of the Chinese candidates from SUPP, Barisan Nasional. The words were uttered when Adenan was campaigning for Sim Kui Hian. To the Chinese electorates in Batu Kawah who had cast their votes for Barisan Nasional, they feel cheated and tricked.

A year after, that was just a few days ago, Chong Chieng Jen had made a different statement on the absence of Chinese deputy CM in Sarawak state. He opined that whether there is a Chinese deputy CM does not have much impact on him as well as Chinese community. When SUPP had a deputy CM cum finance minister, the Chinese independent high schools did not receive annual allocation and the Unified Education Certificate (UEC) was not recognized by the state government. But when there is no Chinese deputy CM and Chinese finance minister in the state Cabinet, the state government has started to allocate funds to the Chinese independent high schools annually, and also recognizes the UEC to a certain extent.

Here lies with Xiao Ming’s doubt. In the eyes of Chong Chieng Jen, is the post of Chinese deputy CM a dummy? Is it just a political trick to cheat the people? In Sarawak, is it better not to have a Chinese deputy CM than to have one?

Does Chong Chieng Jen intend to tell the electorates that to vote for oppositions, Chinese community tends to get more from the government, but if they vote for Barisan Nasional especially Chinese-based political parties, the consequence will be worse than there is no Chinese representative in the state government at all?

Xiao Ming doesn’t know much about the situation in Sarawak, but coming back to the Penang state government, I also have doubt on the posts of deputy CM I and deputy CM II, are the two posts dummy, or they have actual power? From what I understand, the two appointments have no actual power in the structure of the state government, they are just like the state executive councilors, the only difference is I and II mentioned on their designation. Just like the post of the deputy prime minister, it is dummy, that’s why DAP has never discussed or asked for the post of deputy prime minister in Pakatan Harapan.

I remember a well-respected Rocket leader in denying that the party had requested for the post of deputy PM; and he did not rule out it was the tricks of Umno used to alienate the component parties of Pakatan Harapan.

Hence, it seems that SUPP and Sarawak Chinese electorates should also be vigilant, is it another trick using the post of Chinese deputy CM to attack SUPP by alienating the intimate relationship between PBB and SUPP? I don’t understand, neither Xiao Ming.

Original Source: 要副首长来干嘛?