The Blues of Mahathir

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Din Merican

Din Merican

Mahathir used to scold the Malays as lazy and greedy people who had lost their initial objective and vision. Eventually it could cause the race to disappear.

Those who had heard this remark for the first time would be shocked. Mahathir had transformed himself by doing good deeds now.

After hearing so many of this kind of remarks, it is no big deal but a trivial issue. Mahathir used to scold the Malays emotionally and tearfully but his latest remark can hoodwink the rural Malays only.

The Malays have become very money-minded during his tenure in office. Those days the Malays were full of ideal vision and the new economic policy helped some of them to become very rich overnight. Soon the system spawned money politics from the top to the grassroots.

Once when UMNO was financially poor, the late Tuanku Abdul Rahman had to sell his own shop house to shore up the party funds. However during the 22 years of Mahathir’s reign, we never heard of anything about selling personal assets to fund the party. Instead his whole family members have become billionaires.

He added when the Malays were full of ideals for their race, all services rendered to them were free of charge. Now without money, nothing can be done. For example setting up the banners and posters during the general election campaigns had to be paid or else nobody would carry out the task.

This is not surprising as those in the lower hierarchy follow the example of their leaders.

Mahathir will not criticize his own race without a reason. Commentator said the recent wave of Pribumi members quitting the party was due to individuals who failed to secure posts in the party. This en masse exit from the party caused Mahathir to express his sadness. He is more worried about the fate of Parti Pribumi than the fate of the race.

Original Source: 老马的感伤