Monthly Archive:: July 2017

Can’t differentiate between government and the opposition

Let’s discuss a minor issue today. The visual of two restaurants in Tanjung Sepat Lover’s Bridge

Changing the change of DAP

The explanation for “change” in the dictionary is “the process or the end results of something

Just saying a few words for Tan Seng Giaw

The recent row between DAP veteran Dr Tan Seng Giaw and DAP secretary general Lim Guan

Many strange thoughts in the next election

The 14th General Election is full of suspense! This time last year, many people, including those

The influence of civil servants on general election results

The 14th general election is around the corner, political parties from across the divide are in

Church opens up car parks for Muslims who are visiting cemeteries, racial harmony in Sarawak praised

(Sarawak, Mukah, 2 July) Muslims who are visiting cemeteries for prayers on second day of Hari