Chinese is not the Kingmaker

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Malaysia Outlook

Malaysia Outlook

Recently I accompanied my dad to a coffee shop for a drink. We overheard the villagers were busy talking and discussing about politics in Malaysia. Everyone had different views but the general consensus was if UMNO were to change, only then our country would have new hopes. The remark indicated that other races could not decide the political scenario of the country.

After pondering over it, it seems to be true. MCA and Gerakan are weak, and under the suppression and unreasonable demands of UMNO, MCA and Gerakan were forced to give in to get a unanimous decision as a coalition. It was so called the negotiation between the component parties, but in actual fact such compromise was painful.

In the past the Chinese population played a decisive role, and yet Chinese based political parties were never firm in safeguarding the political right of its own race except to be accommodative to the government. Such attitude caused a loss of various important posts like Chief Minister, Minister of Finance or Secretary-general lamely surrendered to UMNO. Later the number of top government posts for the Chinese was further reduced. Gradually their political resources and power weakened while UMNO became stronger and stronger until it dominated the whole political scene. The latest example is found in the civil service. It is compulsory to have at least a pass in SPM Bahasa Malaysia including those doctors trained overseas who wished to be civil servants. The requirement would only accelerate brain drain in the country.

Although it was said to be a collective decision of the Cabinet, it was solely decided by UMNO. The Chinese based political parties knew it well about the lame excuse of cutting down communication barrier between the patient and the doctor. The end point was UMNO had the say.

In the past the percentage of Chinese population was quite comparable and yet the Chinese based parties did not take advantage of it. Not to mention now the Chinese population is declining, even with the Indian population added in, they can’t be the kingmaker. On the other hand UMNO is using its advantage as the ruling power delineating constituencies which reduces the political influence of the Chinese and Indians further. The Chinese and Indians cannot exercise their political influence much whereas UMNO stands strong and firm as a mountain.

The public believes in the coming general election, even though UMNO is facing many scandalous issues, as the core party of Barisan Nasional, as long as they can retain the support from the Malays especially the rural Malays, UMNO will be safe and sound to retain the ruling power. UMNO knew its cards well. They would use their political resources to please the Malays. Others opined that UMNO would stir up sensitive racial issues to garner support from the Malays without any consideration or interest of its allies. Will UMNO do that? Let us wait and see.

As a general outlook into the political landscape, other races cannot provide a decisive factor in the coming election. To change the government, only the Malays can decide for themselves. Other races are merely bystanders.

Original Source: 華裔非造王者