Is re-election a gift or persecution?

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Malay Mail Online

Malay Mail Online

A friend sent me an SMS saying his calmness was being stirred up again.


“Congratulations. Having a second love?” I asked.


“No, I became political frigid in the past as I didn’t want politicians to upset me. Now I am angry because of the order given to the Rocket to have a re-election.”


“Why get angry?”


“How can I not be angry? DAP’s election was carried out many years ago. Why is there a problem only now? This is clear political persecution. I cannot stand it.”


“But that’s the instruction by the Registrar of Societies. The RoS says the 2013 election was not based on the 2012 membership list and this is against the law,” I replied quoting newspaper information.


“What list? It is a political move. The reality is to persecute DAP.” He insisted.


“Why RoS wants to persecute DAP?” I asked purposely.


“Of course, acting on instruction from the top.”


“Who’s at the top?”


“Who else, UMNO lah.”


“Oh…I can understand your reasoning. But if UMNO is behind this, why UMNO wants to do it this way?”


“To create trouble for DAP.”


“Is it so troublesome to hold a re-election?” I asked from the bottom of my heart.


“Of course, it would waste manpower and resources,” he made a brief conclusion and our text conversation ended there.


Really, I am not against his views which also reflect those of many DAP supporters and ordinary folks who are neutral. They also include the view that the order for a re-election smacks of political interference. However, I have many more questions.


If it were an interference or political persecution as claimed by many, then who is being persecuted?

On the surface, DAP is being victimized but it may not be so in reality.

Because of this issue, DAP has managed to galvanize its members and supporters and stir up public sympathy. Just like my friend who had turned cold to politics and is now fired up again.

When public sympathy for DAP swells, resentment against Barisan also rises accordingly. Of course, MCA and Gerakan have been made the scapegoats.

The issue looks like a big gift to DAP without it having to make any efforts.

As long as Zahid Hamidi and UMNO people continue talking, the newspapers continue reporting and the social media continue instigating, DAP would continue to gain points. People would not bother to study the Societies Act or listen to explanations from any quarter. They have already made up their minds.

Why did RoS and UMNO pass the ball to enable DAP to make a beautiful shoot?

Besides stupidity, there might be other answers.

As for the DAP leadership, it has no worries about a re-election. The core leadership led by Lim Guan Eng has largely wiped out those from other factions and also dissidents. Once a re-election is held, more of his own people would be included in the lineup. Isn’t it a comforting idea?

Furthermore, if the 2013 election became invalid, Lim’s two-year term as the secretary general would need to be re-calculated. Doesn’t it mean that he can go on for one more term?