The old ones should step down

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Japan Times

Japan Times

Our young minister Khairy said three old people should withdraw from the political arena and he named the three as Tun Mahathir (92 years old), Anwar (70) and Lim Kit Siang (76).

In addition, Muhyiddin and Hadi are also in their 70’s.

Khairy said these old leaders promote narrow racialist ideas, spread poison and hatred among different racial groups and cause social split.

Do you agree? I do. In fact, they are just too old.

But looking around, we don’t see many young faces in the political arena.

What’s wrong with old leaders? Wasn’t Teng Xiaoping old?

But it’s a pity that we only have one Teng Xiaoping in this world.

Our old leaders have been flip-flopping in their words and actions. They contradict themselves and eat their own words. Mahathir has not been able to free himself from the “Malay dilemma” mindset. Old Lim has retracted all his accusations and Anwar couldn’t forget his ambition to be the prime minister. We don’t know what his Reformasi is all about.

Don’t talk about looking forward. Even if these leaders could give us the fantasy of going back to the good old days, it would still be alright. Unfortunately, we are seeing none of this now.

Original Source: 老的都退下