A crutch for the unemployed

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The Star

The Star

The government had tabled the Employment Insurance System (EIS) Bill to help those retrenched or laid off workers. Once the worker is retrenched, he will receive and enjoy various benefits and allowance for a period of 3 to 6 months.

Actually the suffering of the poor busy working class is more serious than the long term jobless group. Their duration of suffering is much longer than the unemployed.

This is especially true for the new generation who has just stepped into the society but is already burdened financially and pressured heavily. The low starting pay, small and slow salary increment, contractual terms and dissatisfaction of their present salaries made them unable to gain an insight into any betterment. They can only feel helpless, hopeless and desperate.

They are unable to acquire a new house and cannot afford to give pocket money to their parents. They are not given a rational salary although they are working from 6 am to 9 pm doing a normal job. There are even some young people who take up extra part time jobs by extending their working hours from 5 am to 10pm daily.

Those who dread what their future holds for them with their meagre income have become more pessimistic. The loss of confidence coated with dissatisfaction posed them a personal dilemma which will later generate many social problems like low marriage rate and low birth rates. This group of poor working class is huge in numbers and their impact is much greater than the unemployed.

The service sector in Malaysia has many vacancies waiting to be filled. People who are jobless are not due to the lack of job opportunities but they cannot compete with the foreign workers who opt for lower pay. In addition they are not willing to slog in laborious jobs. If they take up these undesirable jobs, they feel they are humiliating and degrading themselves. So day by day they are just waiting to be laid-off.

This way of becoming unemployed should not be pitied and it is unconvincing for the employee and employer to contribute to the insurance. The government should not blur the vision; the crucial point is losing at the starting pay. What the youth need is hope and able to see their future. They should not be fancied by the beauty of the crutch.

Fairness and integrity

The 1.6 million huge civil servants have burdened the financial state of the government for a long time. Many of them treat working hours as a holiday. They never give effective contributions but avoid making serious mistakes in their work. The government should focus on retrenching these redundant workers and should not help them by paving a safe passage or by creating an employee-employer insurance common fund to help the financial situation of the government.

Fairness and integrity cultivate the youth to strive in order to savour the objective of survival and happiness. The Malaysian government can provide these instantly. Don’t try to find excuses to create a “high class but still poor working group”!

Original Source: 失業的拐杖