Getting ready for general election, Gerakan and MCA aiming for a breakthrough in Penang

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Guang Ming

Guang Ming

Penang, Aug 7 – As the next general election is just around the corner, Gerakan and MCA stressed that preparations for the coming election have been done, and are confident to make a breakthrough in Penang.

Gerakan secretary-general Liang Teck Meng and MCA Penang liaison committee chairman Tan Teik Cheng both stressed in unison when interviewed that they are confident of a better result than the previous two general elections.

According to Liang Teck Meng, Gerakan has basically confirmed the list of all candidates, and is fully prepared to face the general election.

He said that Gerakan has actually been working all the time, and not only to be seen when general election is coming; the party has been serving the electorates and checking on the Penang state government all this while.

He said Gerakan’s general election preparation sub-committee has already carried out various preparation works long ago, party leaders and candidates have also visited every constituency to find out their weaknesses where improvements can be made.

“Particularly in Penang, most of our candidates have been identified, they are selected based on the list submitted by the state selection committee,” he added.

Liang Teck Meng: Rocket gaining backlash from Penang people

Liang Teck Meng said Gerakan is also confident that it will make a breakthrough in Penang, mainly because people are dissatisfied with many policies carried out by DAP ever since it came into power in 2008, and hence Gerakan’s result in Penang is bound to be better than before in the coming general election.

“The Penang people are complaining, some were dissatisfied with the way the chief minister handled things, some disagreed with the policies implemented; we have gathered a lot of opinions and complaints in this regard,” he said.

He said Gerakan came to understand the problems through opinion polls, but many people are afraid to express their view due to DAP’s high-handedness. Gerakan has discovered all these when reaching out to the people, there is a public backlash against DAP.

Tan Teik Cheng: Visited whole state and publicize through cyber space

Tan Teik Cheng admitted that as MCA is an opposition party in Penang, it is in disadvantage in terms of propaganda, but the way of publicity will be changed in the next general election including setting up of service centers, visiting every part of the state as well as making use of the cyber space.

“We will fight back with the information we have, expose malpractices of the state government, we are ready to make visits to all places of the state to carry out the propaganda,” he added.

He said MCA is unable to match the ruling party in terms of exposure, but this will not hamper their propaganda work. They will try other methods such as publicizing through cyber space and setting up service centers to reach out to the electorates, so that all the people will get to know MCA candidates.

“We lack the publicity platform in Penang, but we have many other alternatives to interact with the electorates including using hand phone, internet and non-governmental organizations,” he said.