It’s too late by the time the Chinese Language is mastered

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Student desktop prepared to learn Chinese language

Some officials proposed to learn Chinese language to improve their efficiency in work. Such a proposal seems odd.

Learning and mastering a particular language is very time consuming. It is not a wise method to upgrade the efficiency of the staff. It is good to learn another language and we welcome other races to learn Chinese. However it is not the path to upgrade efficiency. It will be a failure if learning Chinese is just to improve efficiency.

To upgrade efficiency, it must be based on realistic factors and real circumstances. To study and find remedies to solve a problem, practicalities and time factor have to be considered too.

An effective suggestion but too time consuming when put into real practice will meet failures. For example it is too late for government officials to master the Chinese language to communicate with others. Those who are listening will have to try hard to understand what have been said, this will seriously affect their efficiency rate.

Good time management in problem solving is more practical. It is considered a yardstick to gauge efficiency. If time used can be reduced in finishing a piece of work, it will be good. Otherwise it will be a laughing matter.

It is a good gesture from government officials proposing this idea but it does not help in promoting better efficiency.

Improving efficiency and reducing the time consumed depend on the ability and attitude of the employees. If workers are habitual procrastinators, having a poor working culture and mentality, will it boost efficiency just by knowing how to speak Chinese?

A simplified procedure and effective operation will definitely upgrade efficiency in work. This means efficiency can be achieved even without being proficient in Chinese.

Any mode of upgrading efficiency without considering factors like practicality, result-orientated, speed and quantity produced will only be a joke. Hence it must be stopped.

Original Source: 学会华语 天已黑了