James Chang: 160 Chinese teachers to undergo training organised by Overseas Community Affairs Council in November in Taiwan

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(Malacca 6 August) Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia Representative James Chang says the number of Malaysian students studying in universities in Taiwan has reached 16,051, an increase of 7.42% from 14,942 last year.

At the same time, more Malaysian students are taking up professional skill learning with more than 60,000 graduates so far. Bilateral collaboration in education between Malaysia and Taiwan is even closer now.

He said the quality of education in Taiwan is good which also receives recognition from the world. Malaysia has good foundation in Chinese language and an important partner in Taiwan’s “Talent exchange” under New South Bound policy。

Chang said this when he attended the 10th anniversary dinner of Soochow University Alumni in Malaysia and the Global Alumni of Soochow University Scholarship Fund raising dinner.

In order to provide Chinese teachers a channel to attend training, the Overseas Community Affairs Council in Taiwan organised training sessions for Chinese primary school teachers, Chinese teachers in conforming secondary schools, Chinese teachers in teacher’s training college and science teachers from Chinese independent high schools during November and December.

A total of 160 teachers will undergo the training session and they get to understand more about existing education scenario in Taiwan.

“The Overseas Community Affairs Council encourages Malaysian youth to take up overseas vocational classes. The number of students in the class would be reduced from 40 to 20 to increase the number of classes. Apart from classes conducted in spring, classes are also available during autumn. The vocational course catering for overseas Chinese will also expand to increase more students.”

He added that The Chung Shan Industrial and Commercial School and 15 other schools are offering classes. The plan is to recruit 1,500 students for three months of learning in school and another three months of practical training at factory. Secondary school graduates are eligible to apply to science and technology university. This is a good option for students with financially poor family background.

Chang said Malaysia and Taiwan are close in ties. Taiwan is Malaysia’s eighth largest trading partner. Bilateral trade reached USD14.125 billion last year. Bilateral trade for first six months this year reached USD8.203 billion, an increase of 25% compared to last year. On investment, Taiwan’s investment in Malaysia reached USD 12.322 billion which is after Japan, United States and Singapore.

He is of the view that Malaysian students studying in Taiwan also helped to increase the number of tourists. Last year, about 474,000 Malaysians visited Taiwan, an increase of 9.95% compared to its previous year in 2015. Malaysia was ranked top in number of Southeast Asian tourists visiting Taiwan.

The Federation of Alumni Associations of Taiwan Universities Malaysia president Chen Zhi Guang said both the federation and Soochow University Global Alumni Association are promoting development in education and culture. For many years, the federation has been promoting tertiary education in Taiwan. The federation hopes to help more students to pursue their studies in Taiwan. That is also the reason for Soochow University to raise fund for scholarship for the first time to help poor students.

Those attended the dinner include advisor of the federation Datuk Lee Ser Chong, honorary president of Taiwanese Business Club in Malaysia Datuk Ding Chong Cheng, Soochow University Alumni in Malaysia president Huang Zhi Cheng, vice president Fan Guo Shi, committee member Xing Yi Zhi, advisors Datuk Lin Wen Yi and Fan Zhi Qiang, Soochow University presidential council chairman Liu Ji Ren and university president Pan Wei Da and others.