Official news is more credible

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The court has announced two publications under The Edge, which were suspended for three months earlier, are entitled to compensation.

Three major newspapers suspended during Ops Lalang then could only envy the judgement delivered.

The affected two daily papers and a tabloid were suspended for six months then. They were almost bankrupt and did not know who to seek compensation from for their loss.

The offence that led to suspension was the accurate news reports which revealed the truth. Dare to speak the truth actually made the Mahathir government unhappy. But the so-called speaking the truth in today’s world appeared normal. This can be seen that the room for survival was much narrower then.

With the existence of internet, the government has been more relax with freedom of speech, however with the suppression of online bullies, it has been somehow restricted.

Existing issue faced by the media is no longer freedom of speech but fake news.

Fake news does not mean news created out of nothing but unreported news can also be fake too since concealing major event is to create false scenario.

Fake news phenomenon can be global as even Donald Trump is also combating against fake news. He even set up a “true news” portal. That is another story.

As there are too many fake news, the official news appear to be more reliable.

In the past official news is not credible. Now with the way internet carries news, official news has become the yardstick for mandatory reference.

It is not to say that official news would not be false but official news are to be accountable to the entire world, especially on financial figures. They are subjected to investors’ scrutiny throughout the world. So even if the figures are deceiving the entire world would be watching. But cyber troopers can simply say that the country is incurring huge debt at the verge of bankruptcy, which put everyone in fear, and yet they don’t have to shoulder any responsibility. If you are being deceived, you can only blame yourself as not so clever.

Original Source: 官方新闻比较可信