Zahid urged MCA to recover lost seats Wee Ka Siong: BN leaders should speak cautiously

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Malay Mail Online

Malay Mail Online

Kuala Lumpur, August 6 – In responding to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid’s remark that MCA should regain its lost seats, MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong opined that Barisan Nasional is a big family, leaders of the coalition should be cautious when giving speech or else they might affect other component parties.

He felt that Barisan leaders might cross the line when commenting on issues, and hurting others without any benefit to themselves.

“Barisan Nasional is a big family, you should understand when contesting, you have to bear the consequences on whatever statements made by other component parties. Therefore, opposition parties always say that if you hate Umno, don’t vote for MCA and Gerakan.

“Nonetheless, ultimately we are going to contest under the banner of Barisan Nasional, the people will regard all component parties as one political party,” he said.

Wee Ka Siong who is also Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, said this in answering to question from the reporters after opening the QI Gong Cup Malaysian-China Calligraphy Competition 2017 here today.

He pointed out that MCA is also keen to win more parliamentary seats, but this could not be achieved by MCA alone, he hoped that Barisan Nasional component parties would not become the “super campaign assistants” for the oppositions.

“Everything regarding Barisan Nasional should be discussed internally and implement together, and must let all communities to feel that Barisan is for all the people, if this can be realized, tsunami of a certain ethnic group will not likely to happen,” he added.

He also said if Barisan component parties are fighting publicly for the constituencies, then this would be a tug of war that would aggrieve own party and gladden the enemy.

“According to Barisan Nasional tradition, the issues pertaining to the constituencies are to be negotiated between party leaders and the prime minister, normally this will happen after the redelineation of constituencies, and not to review after the general election,” he said.

Yesterday, Ahmad Zahid said that MCA must work harder to regain the support of Chinese voters if it wants to wrest the parliamentary seat of Alor Setar and state seat of Kota Darulaman.