Monthly Archive:: September 2017

“Halal” self-service laundry service operator insists on “fulfilling religious obligation” despite drawing flak

(Johor, Muar 24 Sep) The Muslim only self-service laundry shop in Muar has gone viral on

Politics is the way out for the young generation

The result of an opinion poll entitled “Public Opinion Survey: Youth perception on the economy, leadership

Liow Tiong Lai: MCA defends people’s right to drink

Kuala Lumpur, Sept 24 – MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai pointed out that MCA

If you do not want your children to be charged, settle your tax when you are alive

(Kuala Lumpur 19 Sep) A taxpayer who owed Inland Revenue Board (IRB) even RM25 when he

Dong Zong: UEC is their academic brand; Chinese independent high schools insist on their education route

Kuala Lumpur, Sept 19 – The United Chinese School Committees’ Association (Dong Zong) stressed that its

Malaysia may be in a dangerous position if Malays continue to rule and Chinese remain with the opposition, say Singapore scholars

(Singapore, 20 Sep) As the 14th General Election is around the corner, Singaporean scholars feel that

Malay female official speaks Mandarin solving problem of two Chinese who don’t understand Bahasa and English

Two Chinese students from China who went to the Road Transport Department (JPJ) in Perlis were

No more market for 1MDB

When a national leader makes a diplomatic visit to the superpower, he would consider not only

Ali, Ah Kao and Muthu

The three common names Ali, Ah Kao and Muthu are deeply etched in our minds and

Najib’s visit to the U.S. a campaign for general election?

Prime Minister Najib visited the United States last week, as the trip came and went hurriedly,