Don’t give up the nation because of Politics of Hatred

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The young generation is the pillars of the nation tomorrow. They are indicators of the progress or regression of a nation. As such, the young generation must be nurtured and appreciated to make them the outstanding citizens to contribute towards the progress and prosperity of the nation.

At the same time, the young generation must be reminded of their role to drive the nation forward. However, if a nation aspires to sustain its success and be respected in the world stage, we need to inculcate the young generation with noble spirit but also patriotism. Only with patriotism can the young generation help Malaysia in achieving the advanced nation status envisioned in 2020.

Up to now, our young generation has made outstanding achievements in different sectors. They have made Malaysia visible on the world stage. Their excellent performances at the recent SEA Games are the best evidence. Their success would form even a bigger motivation to the young generation and impact them positively.

Their efforts and sacrifices should be recognized and respected in order to wake up the young generation to be more aware of their mission in the defence of national sovereignty and social peace. Their achievements are clear proof of their capability in inheriting this nation in future.

In addition, as a multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia, the concept of “sacrifice” is very critical and should be shared by all people. Frankly, “sacrifice” is not something easy. Our young generation must treasure the sacrifices made by our forefathers in the struggle for independence.

This is because independence cannot be achieved in one day. It was never easy. Without independence, our nation can never be developed and make progress. It is due to the sacrifices of the security forces that we are able to live in peace and security. However, these front-line people are forced to live apart from their families in the defence of the nation.

At this moment, our people must have the sacrificial spirit to face the three major challenges and threats. They are the global challenges, poor economy and interference from the superpowers. The way to meet these challenges is to enhance our knowledge in all sectors, defend our social and cultural systems to prevent the infiltration of negative culture.

In addition, we must strengthen our political system and the spirit of patriotism and enhance our productivity in order to sharpen our competitiveness in the global market.

As a matter of fact, our people are fortunate to be able to enjoy peace in our country as some other countries are still in turmoil. It is such a pity that the opposition alliance never cherish whatever we enjoy in this country and they continue to poison the minds of the young generation.

This has inculcated a negative perception towards the country among the young generation. Some of them have given up the country and emigrated. This is highly undesirable.

Thus, we have to make all-out efforts to reject the undesirable attempts by the opposition alliance to prevent them from wantonly damaging our independence and sovereignty. As this is the Independence month, it is hoped that people of all communities can look back on our past leaders like the founding father Tunku Abdul Rahman, who had made huge sacrifices in their struggle for independence. We hope to revive the memories of the people to defend our independence and sovereignty.