Mahathir becomes desperate as Najib visits US

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Free Malaysia Today

Najib is visiting the United States. Is he walking into a trap?

Tun Mahathir has said that Najib would not dare to step out of the country as many countries are investigating the 1MDB case and he would be arrested the moment he steps out, especially to the US as the US Department of Justice is to start prosecuting.

And now Najib not only wants to visit the US, he would also enter the White House. When he goes in the White House, can he come out or not?

As the visit is looming, Mahathir also changes his tone. He said Najib visits Trump because he wants the US to water down the probe into 1MDB.

May I ask whether the American system is similar to ours where the President can remove the judges and prosecutors and turn the case upside down? Isn’t it a case of speculating what others would do based on your own experience?

Tun Mahathir also said Trump’s meeting with Najib is an extreme case of foreign interference into our domestic politics. Of course, foreign interference is not a good thing. However, didn’t his followers Khairuddin and Mathias Chang went to the US and Europe to make their complaints and boldly asked other countries to interfere into our domestic affairs?

As his lies are being exposed, he becomes so desperate that he begins to talk nonsense. Mahathir’s follower Lim Kit Siang is in similar desperation and wants the Cabinet to stop Najib from visiting the US, arguing that his visit is a shame to Malaysia.

His son, Chief Minister Lim is even weirder. He said Trump is an idiot. He would not want to meet an idiot as otherwise, he would become one. When a leader calls a foreign leader an idiot, isn’t he a bit cranky?

Mahathir has his reasons to be desperate but his feeling is not logical. Didn’t he say Najib had sold the Malaysia’s sovereignty to China? And now Najib is in trouble, shouldn’t he make his way to Zhongnanhai instead? Why should he find his way to the White House which is rather hostile?

Original Source: 纳吉访美 老马大急