Politics is the way out for the young generation

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Oriental Daily News

Oriental Daily News

The result of an opinion poll entitled “Public Opinion Survey: Youth perception on the economy, leadership and current issues” organized by Merdeka Centre and another NGO “Negaraku” has reflected the views of Malaysian youths on current politics and economy.

The report indicates that more than half (57%) of the younger generation think that Malaysia has gone on the wrong track and the report also shows that they take the current economic situation more seriously than politics. In a more concrete term, their concern over inflation and family finances is far more than the many controversial issues like 1MDB and the hudud law. This shows that economic issues have become the focus point of the young generation today.

More important than economic issues

Those in charge of the report said the young generation are more aware of things happening around them but have no interest in politics. I share the same view.

In recent years, several civic campaigns have been held successfully with the enthusiastic participation of the young generation but failed to achieve any satisfactory results. This has thwarted their aspiration in politics. Over one-quarter of those interviewed said their votes would never be able to change the overall situation. The other three-quarters polled felt that they had no influence over the Government and they became pessimistic.

Since they have been thwarted in politics, it is natural that they turn their attention to economic issues. However, revolutionist Lenin says that politics always takes priority over economy in comparison. Politics and economy are inter-linked and economic problems would eventually need to be resolved through politics.

However, as politics is running on the same spot, it is unlikely that the economic problems could progress very far either. To expand the argument, all other problems could be resolved once the political issues are settled.

This writer believes that to change Malaysia’s economic situation, the young generation should not remain passive, just taking on whatever that comes. We need to fight for our future. The young generation has been given the right of participation in politics and they should not turn politically frigid and give up efforts to change for a better future just because of past setbacks.

It is better to take concrete actions and be proactive in politics to change our future rather than just complain and allow the country to continue on the wrong path.

The young generation determines the future of the country. Their active participation in politics can absolutely make a change to the future of the country. Politics is the starting point to make a breakthrough in our economic dilemma. As such, participation in politics is the only way for the young generation to change the current situation.