World Chinese media forum: Rise of China sees revival of Chinese culture, Chinese media will shine again, says Tiong Choon

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(China, Fuzhou 10 Sep) Chinese media remains as the hub to spread and pass down cultural belief and practices despite survival room of traditional media face continuous challenge and impact by online media.

Rise of China see revival of Chinese culture where Chinese media is set to shine again despite volatility in new media development, says Media Chinese International Ltd executive director Tiong Choon.

The One Belt One Road Initiative advocated by Chinese president Xi Jinping has injected new drive for the development of Chinese media in the world which comes with unprecedented opportunities. As One Belt One Road continues to roll out, Chinese media is playing an important role and navigator in the process of “driving China to the world for the world to understand China.” This has created new conditions for the development of Chinese media in the world.

Opening of World Chinese Media Forum

On behalf of overseas media, Tiong spoke at the 9th World Chinese Media Forum today. She said with the effort of all predecessors in the media as well as support from Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and Chinese News Service, Chinese media in the world will be on a smooth journey.

“I am honoured to be invited to attend the launch of 9th World Chinese Media Forum on behalf of my father. I would like to express my gratitude to the Fujian Provincial Government, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and China News Service for providing a platform to learn and exchange views. This gives me a chance and other veterans in Chinese media to explore and reflect on the new development of the initiative of ‘One Belt One Road’.”

“Coincidentally the forum is held in Fuzhou. To me, my father and my grandparents, we have strong emotional bond with this hometown.”

Ancestors do not forget about Chinese culture despite leaving home ground

She said about 100 years ago, her ancestors left Ming Qing County in Fuzhou for Southeast Asia, to an unknown world.

“My ancestors have left their parents and relatives in the hometown which was in a state of chaos. They have looked forward to create better lives and also thought about their relatives back home. They even brought along the seed of Chinese culture with them to overseas, started to build new homes after settling down.”

Tiong was overcome by emotion as her story touched media representatives attending the event.

She said it was due to passing down of Chinese culture that the Chinese scattered in Southeast Asia and all parts of the world started to settle down. It was also due to the characteristics of Chinese culture that the hardworking descendants in overseas were able to live with locals in harmony. Chinese in overseas were united and were passionate about preserving and passing down of Chinese culture. That was also the reason for one to be able to listen to the reading of Chinese classics and poem recitals dated back to Tang and Song dynasties.

“Due to effort of the veterans in traditional media, we can see the growing influence of Chinese media reporting on China throughout the entire world.”

Led by Tiong, representatives from Media Chinese International Ltd who attended the event included Sin Chew Daily editor-in-chief Quek Chin Kang, special assistance of Media Chinese International Ltd chairman Cai Tian You, Ming Bao deputy executive editor in chief Zhang Xu, Asia Weekly magazine deputy editor-in-chief Jiang Xun, Asia weekly Zero Media assistant editor-in-chief Luo Dan, northern America chief executive editor of Ming Bao Lu Jia Ming and Cambodia Sin Chew Daily chief editor Wang Jian Hong.