A sudden rise in social status upon entering politics

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The Star

The Star

Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) Youth Chief Syed Saddiq revealed in high profile that he has given up RM400,000 scholarship to study in Oxford University, and will stay behind to engage in opposition’s struggle.

I fail to understand his intention of making such a statement, is he asking for praise after making a wise decision, or is he more interested in engaging in politics rather than studying.

Life planning is his own personal rights, he is free to do whatever he likes. If he wants other youth to follow his example to abandon their study and involve in politics, then this should not be taken as an example, I trust that few people will be so stupid.

Youth is the golden age of learning, it’s hard to study again when you miss the chance. Of course, there will be contrary opinion saying that a lot of old people go to college by quoting many examples, but those are rare cases.

Old people studying in university or old people graduate from the university have become news indicating this is rare and precious.

Jin Yong, a master writer, went to Cambridge to study doctorate, but it is reported that he has dropped out; it is not known whether he has managed to obtain his doctorate.

A friend of mine went to a famous college in China upon retirement, has also dropped out midway; he admitted that he was unable to cope in energy, but he has also become a little celebrity on campus, just because he has been discovered and interviewed by the media.

Coming back to the young man Syed Saddiq, besides given up the scholarship, what is more amazing is that he claimed to have received a RM5 million offer to leave the party.

As a new comer to political arena and yet knows how to play up an issue, he is indeed a promising young man, but is too philistine.

He said he will stay back to engage in politics with the hope that Malaysia will become better. I am of the opinion that if he goes for study, similarly Malaysia will become better or even much better, as there will be one more learned citizen, and this is certainly better than to have one more politician who offers lip service.

Original Source: 一从政身价就高