After Cheating Death

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Ultra Digital Animation

Ultra Digital Animation

Have you met with a near death experience?

In the past I had reported quite a number of deaths caused by car accidents, fire, train crashes and other fatal accidents. At that time I could not feel what death was but only as a third party recording death incidents objectively. In fact one day we ourselves may be very close to death.

My dream was to bring warmth and happiness to people around me and to let them know and feel good what a wonderful world we have, full of hopes, getting married and setting up a family. It never crossed my mind that I would not be able to do these until that fateful morning.

It was a very cool morning. I was full of energy driving a distance of 50 km enthusiastically to the outskirts to perform my duty. I was listening to the song from the radio station relaxingly without knowing that in the next split of second I would meet with a catastrophe.

The next second I found my car out of control. My car should be on the right lane but suddenly it swung to the left and crashed head on to a big truck. My car turned in circles for a few times and at that very moment my mind went blank until the safety bag burst and broke my spectacles. I was not aware of when and how my car stopped or in the next second I would not open my eyes again?

In a space of tens of seconds, it seemed like I was waiting for the verdict from the grim reaper. I was waiting helplessly until my car stopped. I could smell something burning in the car and I left the car immediately. It was a strange experience with no sign and feelings of pain on my body. I examined all over my body again and again. Normally when one has fatal injuries, they will be numbed without any feelings of pain or senses. Due to my serious shortsightedness, I could not detect anything unusual on my body. Eventually I saw a shallow cut on my clavicle and a sharp pain shot out from my left thigh. After a closer look, I saw blue black bruises and slight injury.

Just then the truck driver came over to look at my condition and he informed the authorities about the accident on his phone. Later the police came to inspect and record the accident before the tow truck pulled away my car. A police report was lodged. That morning I was in a daze as I settled all the usual accident formalities. Only then I tried to calm myself.

I pondered over the accident. I could be crushed under the truck or after running out of the car, I could be knocked down by another oncoming car. There were possibilities which could happen to me. I was very lucky to escape from all these horrible fates. Since that incident, my perspective in life changed. If it was the last moment in my life, what did I wish to do and what were the tasks that I had not completed which would make me regret? How far was I from my ambition or dreams and did I treasure the people around me?

After going and coming back from the jaws of death, now I try to recapture and live life to the fullest. Sometimes we want to escape from the tiring and hectic life but when we experience a near death incident, it jolts us to love and cherish every second of our life. We have to utilize and treasure our life to the fullest without any regret while we can still breathe.

Original Source: 与死神擦肩后