Applying UNESCO-certified heritage for high pole lion dance next year

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Kuala Lumpur, Oct 9 – Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association of Muar today officially applied for the high pole lion dance to be recognized as the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

The application is backed by Han Culture Centre Malaysia, and will be submitted by the National Heritage Department in March next year.

Han Culture Centre Malaysia president Datuk Goh Hin San said according to UNESCO, application for world cultural heritage must comply with nine procedures, at present it has entered the second procedure.

“We shall enter the third procedure in which the UNESCO will send its expert and exploratory mission here to study,” he said.

He said according to the annual application for the list of world heritage, all the procedures must be accomplished by March 31, 2018 and the government also needs time to prepare for the submission to UNESCO.

Goh Hin San said this at the “Malaysian High Pole Lion Dance” campaign launching ceremony today.

He said according to the provisions of the UNESCO, the complicated procedures and application will have to be borne by National Heritage Department, and Malaysian high pole lion dance has met the two requirements of application for National Cultural Heritage.

“We encourage the online public petition campaign. A million signatures campaign to support the application includes dancing and singing, all these have to be recorded and translated into Bahasa Malaysia and submit to the relevant department,” he added.

“The high pole lion dance has already met the first requirement, earlier it was endorsed by the government as a national heritage. The second requirement is more important, we must get the consent of the National Heritage Department to apply for the Intangible Cultural Heritage,” he said.

He added that Chinese cultural activities such as the 24-Season Drum and Wangkang Festival in Johor Baru have also been recognized as the national heritage, which is in accordance with UNESCO’s provisions to apply for the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Meanwhile, Deputy Education Minister Datuk Chong Sin Woon said national unity is the indispensable element in getting the high pole lion dance to be recognized as the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Also present at the ceremony today are president of the Dragon and Lion Dance Federation of Malaysia Leong Lik Thong, Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association chairman Lee Yong Pin, sponsors of the campaign KK Group founders Yang Wei Xing and Chen Shu Ping, and also SJK (C) Chung Kwo chairman Chow Siew Hon.

In addition, the organizer needs to get a million signatures to respond to the online petition campaign to show that the culture is being recognized and supported by the public. Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association urged the business and industrial organizations, non-governmental organizations and charity organizations to get the signature books from the association and help to collect signatures from the public, the contact number is 0126399008.