Chinese language, our pride

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Two students from China went to the Perlis Road Transport Department (JPJ) Perlis to handle things, and was caught in a dilemma due to language barriers. A Malay female officer Nur Syafiqah who speaks Mandarin came to their aid. The whole process was being recorded down by her colleague and the video went viral in the internet, many netizens had praised the officer. Not only she became popular among the netizens, she had also been awarded.

As the Prime Minister said, the female officer has shown the spirit of 1Malaysia. Malaysia is a pluralistic country, people therefore have the opportunity to learn different languages and cultures. It is quite common to see Malays and Indians talking to Chinese in Mandarin, or even Cantonese, Hokkien and Hakka dialect at coffee shop and market.

According to the report, Nur Syafiqah not only have Chinese blood lineage, she also went to Chinese primary school, and learnt to speak fluent Mandarin. Thus, it can be seen that Chinese primary school is not the hindrance to national unity as described by those extremists with closed thinking. On the contrary, it is the best cradle to produce talents who are multilingual.

In recent years, Chinese primary school has become the first choice of many non-Chinese, some micro Chinese primary schools in rural areas have to rely on non-Chinese students to sustain and escaped the fate of being closed down. After China’s rise to become an economic power, many people have engaged in learning Chinese with the hope of being able to share a slice of the big piece of economic cake in China, the status of Chinese language hence is becoming more and more important.

Unfortunately, many Malaysian Chinese have chosen to give up this inherent advantage. May be due to the mentality of worshipping the western culture, many urban Chinese parents would rather send their children to international school which mainly teaches in English, allowing their children to grow up in English language environment and eventually become “banana man”; without sending their children to Chinese primary school. Language is the soul of a race, a man who does not understand mother tongue is like a body without soul, it is quite sad indeed.

In fact, Chinese primary schools are embracing the spirit of teaching without class, in addition to the support rendered by people who love Chinese education, the standard of teaching has been enhancing, the hardware facilities and software equipment have also been improving, they are even better than that of the international schools.

Moreover, it is regrettable that in recent years the number of students sitting for the Chinese language paper in SPM and STPM are decreasing which could trigger the shortage of Chinese teachers in the future. It cannot be denied that it is not easy to score A in Chinese language paper. However, to avoid the overall results being affected and thus giving up taking the Chinese language examination cannot be justified.

Chinese language is our root, as a Chinese, we should try our best to maintain, promote and support Chinese education, let Chinese language be our pride, and also be the pride of Malaysians.

Original Source: 华文,我们的骄傲