Don’t just talk without any action

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As we all know that corruption is our No 1 public enemy and as such, all of us has the responsibility to help the authorities to tackle corruption to avoid our country from being dragged down by corruption and becoming a failed state.

Even though the latest Global Competitiveness Report has proven that Malaysia is not a failed state as our ranking has moved up two slots instead of sliding down. Our country is ranked 23rd among the 137 nations. Nonetheless, we should not be arrogant. Instead, we should focus on tackling corruption so that Malaysia can go up even higher in ranking of Global Competitiveness.

According to the report released by World Economic Forum, Malaysia’s  competitiveness has improved from 5.16 last year to 5.17 and our ranking from 25th to 23rd , making us the 9th most competitive economy in the Asian-Pacific region.

We have a great foundation. As such, if we could do well in all sectors, including the fight against corruption, our prospects would be very bright. It is regrettable that the opposition parties, while talking about anti-corruption all the time, have been just talking without taking any action.

Basing on one single example, it can be proven that the opposition only talk about corruption and have no intention of walking the talk. Just before the 13th general election, the Government proposed that all parties submit their list of candidates to MACC to check whether they have a clean background to ensure that they have not been involved in any corruption or abuse of power.

As a matter of fact, this was also to prevent the candidates from being subjected to allegations or suspicions made by their rivals. Nonetheless, the Government did not force these parties to submit their list of candidates to be scrutinized by MACC. The Government, however, would just welcome political parties or independent candidates to do so.

It was a pity that the opposition parties have not submitted any candidate list to MACC before the 13th general election. On the contrary, Barisan Nasional which had been under opposition attack all the time, gave its list to MACC for investigation.

Of course, the opposition parties offered various excuses when they failed to do their part. For example, they claimed that they could not trust MACC, saying that it was controlled by the ruling party and lacked transparency.

This could be the perception four years ago. MACC has changed its leaders, just as some of the political parties have changed theirs. There is a fresh environment. It is clear now that under the new Chief Commissioner Tan Sri Dzulkifli, MACC has a new image. It has become more active in enforcement and prosecution, taking many high-profile cases to court. It has acted the same against government officials in every department and charged them in court.

In addition, its “Anti-corruption Revolution” campaign has won 60,000 supporters who signed up to be “Friends of MACC” in a short span of two months. It shows that people have awakened to the anti-corruption campaign.

As such, there should be no excuse for the opposition parties not to submit their list of candidates to MACC for checking as the 14th general election is nearing.

Original Source: 不要光说没行动