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China Daily

My friend’s kid was complained by teacher in day care centre for lack of concentration during the tuition class; he did not finish homework and was lassitude. Such children are aplenty and the number is growing, no wonder many school teachers are feeling that children are difficult to discipline, no matter how much effort they have put in, still they are unable to see the result of teaching.

In observing the primary school students nowadays, what do they normally do after school hours? In fact, majority of them are sent to extracurricular classes and tuition classes because parents are hoping that they would become useful persons. No wonder children are so tired!

From the children’s perspective, their leisure time is filled with various extracurricular courses; for the teenage primary school pupils, they have to bear such a heavy educational mission given by their parents, but after attending the extracurricular classes they have lost steam when returning to schools, thus they have disinclination for formal curriculum and have no learning motivation.

A few days ago, I went to a rural primary school for enrollment and education propaganda work; the primary school stands in the middle of padi field, houses are scattered around, in between there are field path, looking up, the blue sky were hanging with white clouds……. I asked the primary school headmaster, what the school children did after school, he smiled and replied, “Go to the fields to catch small fish and grasshoppers.” I told him, “The sky and earth is their day care centre.”

Children bearing all the consequences

Didn’t many parents grow up like this not very long ago? Naturally we all cherish the memory of the past; no one would deny such a lifestyle. Children learn the interpersonal interaction in playing games and frolic; have reveries in quiet contemplation as boundless as the sea and sky, and also inspired many ideals about life; learn to use the brain in making toys; learn how to advance and retreat in playing make-believe. However, in those days parents never thought that their children are inferior, as deep inside their heart, parents reckoned that the significance of education is how to teach a person to be good, if a person is good, everything will be all right.

Today’s families must rely on double income to be able to survive; our life forms narrow the living space, unfavorable social practice has caused people to be disturbed, the boundless sea and sky which parents used to enjoy could no longer be found among the children. Nowadays parents thought that as long as the children’s leisure time is fully occupied, they can work at ease. But when they put their children under the care of tuition teachers, they will have to face consequences of their children being unruly; it is even more distressing to note that the growing children will ultimately have to bear all the consequences.

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