Vying for children’s votes

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Education starts from young. So does brainwashing. Knowledge and opinion will then be implanted deeply in the minds of children.

Politicians are well aware of this. Regardless of whom, everyone is keen to “encroach” into schools to “groom” the pupils to be the future leader of the country.

A future leader of the country, Of course, it will be good if the future leader supports the politician or a particular political party.

Hence, many political parties would more or less bring along influences to school. But the methods used such as announcing allocation, presenting computers, sponsoring activities are not seen as too obvious or direct.

However, in a current scenario where the strength of all political parties are getting more balanced, the one being pushed will be more anxious. Umno is “compelled” to be more “proactive”.

The Merdeka celebration activity held in a primary school in Putrajaya see waving of Umno flags and singing of Umno party song.

Reason given by the parent teacher association is that since the school is organising an event centred on independence of the country, it is perfectly normal for pupils to sing Umno party song. The Education Minister said the move is reasonable since Umno contributed to fighting for independence.

Ha. Umno is forced to go after primary school pupils. This is not funny. Reasons given are funny. Under the circumstance where everyone is aware, the act of pretending ignorance is actually self-deceiving.

Today’s hard work will see reward 10 years later. In Umno’s eyes, primary school pupils are votes in the future. Umno should go after the votes. More so when the current primary school pupils are in digital era.

Digital era means their access to information and messages are more than the previous generation. By the time when they get in touch with politics, they would be able to conduct rational analysis into the scenario of the country. They can either be a force to reckon with or a threat in future. They should be properly guided.

Not so easy

Another important point is, the parents of this group of students are young parents at the age of 30 to 40. They are the ones who contributed to the political tsunami in 308.  They are the generation which Umno is most fearful of.

Umno can’t change this group of parents. Umno can only turn to their children to ensure that the small waves would not be turned into next tsunami.

However, are the pupils as naïve as they look? Do they really don’t know what is double standard and abuse of power?

I think it is not so easy for Umno to win the children’s votes.

Original Source: 小孩票必爭