Dr Boo Cheng Hau: Single out as a non- team player, ousted for querying move for Pribumi to lead opposition coalition

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(Johor Bahru, 13 Nov) Dr Boo Cheng Hau, who lost in the re-election of DAP central executive committee (CEC), attributed his defeat to airing his concern of party handing over the election strategy planning to Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia on many occasions during CEC meeting and WhatsApp group discussion.

Dr Boo, who is also Skudai state assemblyman, in a phone interview with Sin Chew Daily today, said line-up and strategy in General Election should be jointly led by DAP, PKR and Parti Amanah Negara. If Pribumi were to lead, Pakatan Harapan may be seen as a conservative and right wing alliance by outsiders.

He said the remark made by Pribumi chairman Tun Mahathir that “Bugis are pirates” inherited Umno’s racist behaviour. He claimed that Tun Mahathir had offended Tun Razak family, Johor and Selangor royalties.

“Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi questioned Dr Mahathir’s linage. These are Umno racism that should be discarded. If Pakatan Harapan is the same as right wing, it will lose more neutral votes. Hence, Ahmad Zahid and Dr Mahathir should apologise to the designated ethnic group.”

Dr Boo said the views are his concern but used by others with vested interests to accuse him of damaging the party. He is also claimed to be a non-team player.

He said: “The accusation is unfair to me. Giving views do not mean that I sabotage the party and not a team player. “

DAP may lose Malay votes if it leads

On reason to let Pribumi lead, Dr Boo is of the view that some of the leaders feel that if DAP were to lead in election, it may lose Malay votes.

However, he claimed that such mentality is only falling into Barisan Nasional’s trap. Figures show that in some of the seats won by DAP, the candidate received more Malay votes.

“The after effects left by the Mahathir administration such as the forex loss by Bank Negara is still affecting the country. Some of the leaders can’t just say they forgive Mahathir and it is alright. This is not the approach of a civic society. It can be mistaken as DAP condoning the errors made by Mahathir in the past including Operation Lalang,  alleging Suqiu committee linked to communism and others.”

Grassroots’ views should be given attention

“Some of the leaders interacted with grassroots during Christmas last year. Some delegates asked if Mahathir can be forgiven, why not party veterans such as Sim Tong him, Goh Leong San and others who had not quit the party then?”

Dr Boo is of the view that party leaders should pay attention to the feedback and opinions of grassroots. The attendance rate of the re-election was 54%, lower than 70% in the 2012 re-election. He said this showed that some grassroots are unhappy. Party leaders should not repeat the episode in 1998 where they won in party election but lost in the General Election.