Pheng Yin Huah urges Chinese youth to discard coldness towards TN 50 by actively joining its dialogue

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(Kuala Lumpur 12 Nov) Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia (Hua Zong) president Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah urges Chinese youth especially leaders to actively participate in Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50) dialogue by not skipping the opportunity to express views and recommendations on the future 30 years of national development in future.

Speaking at the Federation of Malaysian Clans & Guilds Youth Association cum outstanding youth award luncheon today, Pheng said he discovered for the past one year, local Chinese youth seemed to be cold towards TN50 with lukewarm participation in dialogue session.

“Chinese youth should be looking at this issue in a proactive manner, participate in full in such events and involve every Chinese youth. Speak up during the dialogue to express the views and opinions of Chinese community and Chinese youth, include Chinese sentiment into the agenda and direction of the country’s transformation plan.”

He said current society, including the Chinese community, often display negative culture of bullying, sabotaging, defaming and attacking others.

“We are unable to condone remarks made by some politicians in social media such as Facebook and print media.”

He is of the view that the Chinese community, especially the younger generation should lead by example in promoting virtues and stay away from the negative culture of “insulting and cursing” others.

Liu Dongyuan: No sense of living in foreign country as a foreigner

Liu Dongyuan, Counsellor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China said she lived in four different countries including Malaysia. Of the four countries, she likes Malaysia the most as she never has the feeling of a lone foreigner.

“Malaysians are like me who often care about changes in the country. I often chat with friends on developments in China including Alipay, WeChat and others. These are familiar to them.”

She hopes that people of Malaysia and China are able to work together on a common fate for mankind where friendship between China and Malaysia continue to have new development.

Xiao Zhi Guo: Regulate money game effectively

Federation of Malaysian Clans & Guilds Youth Association chairman Xiao Zhi Guo says money game is most popular in Malaysia with many youth joining the scheme. The trend is worrying. He hopes the government to have effective measures on education and regulation so Malaysians no longer indulge in money game.

“Malaysia is selected as one of the Southeast Asia countries along Belt and Road  initiative and this creates many trade opportunities. Youth who are keen should take the opportunity to find out more about business opportunities and entrepreneurship to gain from the strategy.”

He said the association work with Malaysia Sitiawan International Youth Club to set up strategic partnership for a business and entrepreneurship platform so that resources can be shared in business venture and entrepreneurship.

Cai Chang Xiu: Grateful to ancestors who built Chinese schools

Cai Chang Xiu, a representative of the advisor to the Federation of Malaysian Clans & Guilds Youth Association said the younger generation is grateful to ancestors who built many Chinese primary schools and Chinese independent schools in early days and now Chinese are able to maintain Chinese traditional culture and its virtues.

“I would also like to urge those leaders who are in charge of Chinese education to source for smart plans to maintain the schools in cyberspace. Chinese organisations are not excluded too. Otherwise we would not be able to be self-sufficient.”

About 450 people turned up for the event where several outstanding youth awards such as outstanding youth organisation award, outstanding activity award, best brand award and others are delivered. The youth wing of Persatuan Kim Tong Har Johor bagged the outstanding model award.

Those who attended the event are deputy chairman of the Federation of Malaysian Clans & Guilds Youth Association Lin Jian Xun, vice chairman Tang Ju Quan, secetary Li Wen Jian, Federation of Hainan Associations Malaysia representative Lin Ming Wei, vice president of Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry Malaysia Kerk Beng Huat and organising committee chief co-ordinator Gu Zhuo Yu.