SMK Kelapa Sawit starts a new precedent – Chinese students teach Malay students Mandarin

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China Press

China Press

(Kulai 8 Nov) Chinese students teach Malay classmates to learn Mandarin!

It is not unusual for Malay students to learn Mandarin in secondary schools. But the school has arranged for Chinese students to guide Malay students in learning Mandarin. This is rare.

SMK Kelapa Sawit principal arranged for a different plan for Chinese students in the school to teach Malay classmates Mandarin. The Malay students get to master the basic communication skills of an extra language. They can also take this opportunity to uncover the leadership potential of Chinese students, offering them a platform to upgrade themselves.

Principal Rahmat when interviewed by China Press said the plan where Chinese students tutor Malay classmates in learning Mandarin is the first of its kind among secondary schools in Johor.

He hopes through this student-guide-student plan, it can be expanded for more students to participate. This is also an opportunity for students to uncover their potential and interests.

Master basic communication skills

“This is a plan with several benefits. We hope through student-guide-student where teachers are advising from the side, Malay students get to master the basic communication skills in Mandarin without any pressure.”

He said if teachers force students to learn Mandarin, the effect may not be so good. The school arranges for some “junior teachers” to teach the Malay students. They can learn in a relaxed mood without pressure.

“We also hope that through this student-guide-student plan, Chinese students get to uncover their potential in leadership. On the other hand, this enhances ties among students of different ethnic groups, fostering national unity.”

Currently, a total of 42 Malay students participate in the “Learn Mandarin” plan while a total of 10 Chinese students are the “junior teachers” and two Malay students who completed six years of Chinese primary school education. Through singing of songs, Malay students master the basic Chinese words and communication skills.

Bakri: hope to gain support from society

SMK Kelapa Sawit principal on practical training who is in charge of Mandarin class, Bakri, said the Education district office in Kulai supports this student-guide-student plan in learning Mandarin. He hopes to gain support from society too.

He said during the first phase, the school recruit 42 Malay students and 10 Chinese “junior teachers”. He hopes to recruit 100 Malay students and 20 Chinese “junior teachers” in the second phase.

“Currently, a Chinese teacher is conducting class every Monday and Thursday in school while the ‘junior teachers’ assist the Malay students on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday.”

Bakri said the school identified Form 3 students mainly because Form 3 students have two more years to learn and continuous learning for two years will help students in their progress.

“Currently the commercial value of Chinese language is getting higher. As more and more investments from China are entering Malaysia, letting Malay students master an additional language have everything to gain and nothing to lose.”