What’s wrong with “should not fight the heaven”?

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Free Malaysia Today

Free Malaysia Today

MCA Youth Chief Chong Sin Woon’s remark “Don’t fight the heaven, even if you’re a deity,” has drawn criticisms from netizens; among them were opposition parliamentarians who had interpreted the remark as “the wrath of heaven”, with the dubious intention of intensifying the antagonism between Chong Sin Woon and the mass flood victims.

In fact, Chong Sin Woon had also mentioned about mobilizing MCA Youth members nationwide to provide flood relief, but it seemed that people were only concerned about this sentence.

I have been thinking over and over. Chong Sin Woon’s word “even if you’re a deity” was aiming at Lim Guan Eng, which point is it related to the flood victims? Moreover, “don’t fight the heaven” doesn’t it mean not to fight against nature?

Recently there have been frequent cases of floods and landslides in Penang, some may have attributed to natural disasters, but as the incidents are too frequent, compare with the past, the incidents are much more serious, landslides, subsidence and collapse of stone occurred in many places, the surface runoff of some slopes is large and even became “waterfall”. Furthermore, the flood water is muddy yellow, many people tend to be dubious every time when there is mishap, is it just because the rainfall is too much and the storm is too strong?

In fact, there is nothing wrong with the statements like “don’t fight the heaven” or not to confront nature and do not destroy nature. If politically matured, politicians from across the divide can conduct research and discussion on natural disasters and man-made problems, lest the avoidable mishaps be repeated, or to minimize the severity in safeguarding the interests of the people.

Anyway, Chong Sin Woon had apologized on his “slip of the tongue”, but netizens were unwilling to accept his apology as they thought that damage had been done. However, nobody or authority is willing to apologize on the landslides and floods which had caused the mishaps leading to the death of more than ten victims. Of course, there are no enthusiasts pursuing on the matter.