Condemn others as traitors and running dogs

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Penang Monthly

Penang Monthly

When the Chinese want to condemn someone, they always call them traitor, running dog and also Mai-Hua (selling off the Chinese). I always feel there is a deeper meaning in such familiar phrases as they hide the main characters without naming them.

A traitor is someone helping the enemy to destroy us. If that is case, who is our enemy?

A running dog is the dog which abides by the order of the master to bite people. If that is the case, who is the master?

Mai-Hua means selling off the Chinese to the buyers with bad motives. Who then are the buyers?

Frankly, isn’t the finger pointing to another race? Isn’t such familiar phrase coming out from our mouth so often a reflection of racism in our hearts?

Discussions stirred up by “Robert Kuok’s Memoirs” are mostly critical of the racial policy after the May 13 and Robert Kuok only provides a living example.

It is absolutely right to say that the Chinese have been unhappy due to the unfair policy after May 13.

What about the time before May 13?

That general election was held three days before May 13 when the opposition parties won overwhelmingly. During the election process, feelings ran high as the opposition kicked up a storm. In the victory procession, opposition parties supported by the Chinese were in a frenzy telling Malays to go back to the kampungs. What do you say about that?

I can only say we all have racial sentiments. It is the same with the Chinese and the Malays.

The only difference is one group has more people and the other group less; one group has the ruling power and the other has no ruling power; one group is gaining while the other is losing.

To ask others to drop racialism is just like asking ourselves to drop racialism. It’s difficult, doubly difficult!

Original Source: 骂人家汉奸走狗