In the whirlpool

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Tycoon Robert Kuok’s memoir has been reported by various newspapers, this shows that many people want to know its content.

According to some parts of the memoir published by newspapers and online, Kuok seems to have dealt with the big environment, especially political and economic factors which have affected his business, including cronyism and racism with their rather deep impact.

Kuok could be counted as part of the brain-drain as he has moved out to build his business overseas. However, he continues to contribute to the nation, the Chinese community, politics and education. He is respected and his words carry weight.

All the while, many people have talked about Malaysia’s greater environment and their diagnosis on the weaknesses of cronyism and racism has been true and incisive. But they do not enjoy the same status as that of Kuok’s and thus, not many people pay attention to them and no newspapers published their views. Nevertheless, their views are quite similar to Kuok’s, except that Kuok also includes his personal experiences.

And because people think what Kuok says carries weight, netizens have been sharing posts like “what Robert Kuok says” in the same way as “what Jack Ma says” or “what Li Ka-shing says.” Such posts are popular. These netizens take side, quoting Kuok’s views in their attack of the other side.

As Kuok’s views could be used simultaneously to attack opposing camps, it also shows that his views are quite neutral. Those who think certain views are in their favour, they quote them to attack their rivals.

Which side does Kuok take? Some think that he takes this side and some thinks that he takes the other side. If his views are neutral without leaning on any side, then what he says should be taken into consideration by all people so that we can decide on the future direction of the nation.

The launching of Kuok’s memoir is timely as the general election will be held in a few months. It seems to give us a brain-storming session, to remind us as we grow numb to the current politics, to weigh and re-consider what is meant by the greater environment.

Kuok says Bapa Malaysia, the late Tunku refused to practise cronyism. He loved the nation and the people but was branded a betrayal of his race. He was isolated and squeezed out.

After the Tunku, we have had five prime ministers and have been in the racial whirlpool for several decades. Now take a look at both sides and see whether there are such people like the Tunku?

Najib, Mahathir, Hishamuddin, Ahmad Zaid, Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Liow Tiong Lai, Mah Siew Keong, Lim Guan Eng, Mat Sabu, Azmin and Hadi….

Original Source: 旋涡里