Positive energy of media

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People need love and care instead of violence. Every 10 Malaysians three are suffering from mental health issues. Sending the message of love and care is like rain falls after a long drought. Such message would offer some breathing space for people to live on. Media can be playing the role of strengthen one’s spirit but it can damage one’s spirit too, depending on how the media personnel exercises the power in his hand.

Health Ministry dropped the bomb with the statistics of every three out of 10 people suffer from mental illness. Even the ministry itself find it hard to accept the figure. Issue of mental health is not far away from us, may be just around us.

Recently two professionals shared the process of depression and recovery in the features section of Sin Chew Daily. After reading the articles friends also admitted that they were once wrapped by the sense of ‘helplessness’. They did not have the courage to speak up nor knowing what they have actually gone through; quietly, they allow the sense of helplessness to swallow their young hearts, having no clue to help themselves.

When chatting with friends who are in depression, this could be a signal of them seeking help. Some were in silent, like the lyric of a song “Do not cry out…” for fear of putting others in shock. But once everyone opened up to discuss one’s dilemma, actually people surrounding you could be having an even more serious problem than you. Such sharing could be the first step in seeking treatment. When one sees others are having similar problem, then he would think himself as “normal.”

Hence, media can play the leading role. When we read about people relating their problems, they may be talking about our problem that we do not have the platform or the opportunity to voice it out.

When I studied about principle of journalism in university, the first exam was to write about “elaborate social functions of media,” and “How to be a good journalist”.  I would be writing long answers on the functions of media in informing, educating, entertaining and answers memorised from the text book as well as the fourth power – people’s mouthpiece. Finally I work in media as a journalist. This is a conscientious job. Apart from earning salary to support a family, the ultimate goal of a journalist would be the success in leading the society to a positive direction.

When we are delivering the stories of good people and good incident, we see the selfless devotion of others. A journalist would love to play his tiny role in disseminating positive energy. “To be someone useful in the society” is always my motto in life. I learned to be wiser on the journey of disseminating news.

The society needs more journalists with positive energy, more media organisations to disseminate positive energy to have a peaceful society. A company with positive energy would be able to manufacture products filled with positive energy. Hence a   media organisation with healthy culture and harmonic set up is important.

However, under the pressure of transformation, society should be placing its attention on the working environment and mental health of journalists. Facing the pressure of beating against time and series of violence, life and death situations, journalists need to re-charge in order to be full of positive energy to face a challenging tomorrow.

Original Source: 媒体的正能量