The sadness of politics and bureaucracy

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A friend of mine was a student of Chinese independent high school, he went to study abroad after graduation and became a financial expert. After a few years working in foreign country, he returned to Malaysia as his mother is getting older.

He came back to work with much passion, but was put a damper on his enthusiasm by a variety of bureaucratic systems. Three years after returning, his mother passed away, and now he is ready to go abroad again.

I asked him at the farewell dinner the reason why he is leaving, after three years at home, he is leaving for abroad once again, is he still able to revive his career at the age of nearly fifty years old?

He told me in full confidence that in foreign country where personal strength is count, a capable person is not afraid of having no place to live in. He sighed that back in Malaysia, as MBA holder with more than 20 years of experience in the field of finance and economy, he was put under a person who has no experience in financial management. What’s worse, he had put forward many reformation proposals, but were rejected by his superior who was a layman of that field, the proposals were rejected even before having been tried, how can he not be disheartened?

Then he made another harsh criticism, although the government kept saying that it values talents, all sorts of bureaucratic systems and unfair policies, coupled with the intervention of political factors, resulting in not appointing the good and able men to office in some areas and posts, instead political factors were being considered, in the end expert was placed under mediocre talent. As such, how could the country retain talent? How is Malaysia going to develop into an advanced nation?

Listening to his grievances, it is true to think about it. Take the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) of the Chinese independent high schools as example, all the world-class universities have recognized the UEC, but not our country due to political factors.

Only when general election is approaching that the Chinese independent high school students have the chance to hear the statement from the government that it is considering the recognition of UEC. After the general election, the UEC is again being rejected due to political factor, it will be until the next general election that the issue of recognizing the UEC be brought up again.

Frankly speaking, we have heard many stories of “The boy who cried wolf”, I have many friends who were students from Chinese independent high schools, they include three generations of old and young, whether the government is going to recognize the UEC to them it is of no difference. The old and the middle age still have an affection to the nation, and may feel regret for being neglected by the country; whereas the young generation will think that since the country doesn’t need them, there are many other countries that need them. Since the country doesn’t value them and doesn’t recognize their academic qualification, they will pursue further study abroad, and will not return upon graduation, the development in foreign countries is even much bigger.

They have no sense of guilty, and won’t think of servicing the country, instead of becoming the engine of development of their own country, they have become the pillars of the rapid growth of other countries, this not only is the loss of the nation, but also the sadness of bureaucracy as well as political factors.

To be frank, if Malaysia does not change its bureaucracy and continue letting political factors interfere in the selection of talents, the brain drain problem will become more and more serious, in a few years’ time, Malaysia will greatly lag behind those countries which absorbed talents of our country.

Original Source: 政治和官僚的悲哀