Abolish elite school

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Several parents were sitting together and chatting, the contents of the conversation are all related to the children’s education. Naturally, the conversation touched on Ministry of Education’s decision to lower the threshold for admission to controlled schools.

The parents have different views on the ministry’s decision, some of them supported the idea, but there were those who disagreed. Those who supported the decision opined that since education should be provided for all people without discrimination, indeed, the school should be considered for diversification. Parents who objected opined that the opening of elite schools will lower the whole academic standard.

I did not come from the elite school, I grew up in the rural area, I’m glad that my parents didn’t have a good idea of the elite school, otherwise, my childhood may not be as colorful as in my memory.

I only knew about the term “elite school” after came out to work, parents’ eagerness in pursuing elite schools can be described as incredible. They tend to resort to every conceivable means to ensure that their children are being enrolled into that particular “elite school”.

Xiao Ming even have a more peculiar perception on “elite school”, he felt that students who studied in the “elite school” are like a group of people living in an isolated space, they gather together due to their excellent academic performance and the idea of “star pursuit” of the society.

However, the ultimate fate of these students is not the same, they did not live more qualitatively owing to their graduation from elite school, there were a few parents who regret that they did not take into consideration the ability of their children and gave a lot of invisible pressure to their children.

Whether the myths of elite school will be broken is closely related to the national education system. To be blunt, controlled schools or elite schools are created by the Ministry of Education. Today, in order to dilute the situation of over-emphasis on examination result, the ministry decided to lower the threshold for admission to controlled schools. Of course, the schools concerned will kick against the decision which was made abruptly, as they have been elite schools for so many years.

Earlier on, I met with the father of my classmate at the park, he was graduated from the elite school. He lamented the society’s attention to elite schools which caused some people to have been blurred over the essence of education.

He said a person who had all the while upholding the principle of providing education for all people without discrimination, was against the ministry’s decision to abolish the elite schools.

In the long run, it is good for the Ministry of Education to eliminate the perception of the parents and society on elite schools. However, before the implementation of the policy, the ministry should meet with the board of directors of the schools concerned and to listen to them, and let them understand the ultimate aim of the ministry, and what are the measures the Ministry of Education will adopt to consolidate and enhance the education standard. The mistake is that there was no prior notification to the schools concerned, the decision came abruptly and it is natural that many people could not adapt to it.

In recent years, the Ministry of Education had implemented the policy not to publicize the results of the government examinations, the objective is to change the parents’ attitude of worshiping elite schools and to reduce the pressure on the children.

The elite schools shaped the concept of class. While pursuing the ideology of providing education for all people without discrimination, they insisted on maintaining the controlled school status. This difference requires time to run in. On the decision of Ministry of Education, I support the action taken by the ministry with the precondition that it must strategically assist in the upgrading and improvement of the education system as a whole after the abolition of the elite schools.

Original Source: 废除名校